Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yellow house day charity progarm

sorry for the late post,we were all late to school...we should arrive there by 1pm sharp but we

reached there at 2something something la...heeee we're all LATE but still at least we helped for the student council and visit the orphan.

By the time we reached everyone have form their own group so we just joined Phoebe's group with their lil kids who's Guna and Nor if i'm not mistaken.Well... they're well-mannered they don't seem naughty but they are active enough somehow we have so much fun playing games with them.


me and duga

omg he manage to finish the whole things

they love peace

peace !!!

group photo

Phoebe hardly help !!

lunch time
stay healthy and happily =) bye!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


4.35 in the morning

keep me from boredom please i can't sleep whenever something depressed me i sleep late

bored i need someone to talk to me

alright today meet up wai hoong,phay yan,hui sin and kayz at jaya jusco then headed to school for yellow house charity program well so much fun playing with the kids when come to games they're so energetic sigh feels pity to them they have no parents and i don't even understand why do they have to dumb their child at orphanage since they make the decision to have children wth....what is the point of giving birth..

teardrops seeing them playing so happily

oh yea i'll be posting up the pictures in few days time

bye.good nights =)

Saturday, July 21, 2007


somehow i have to thanks my classmate and besties who bought so much snacks from Japan and share out among the whole class and friends argghhh... i can't wait till to open it!!
titbits from yen and phoebe =)


so much sweet!!

heh! wei zhong gave this can of bottle since last year he went n it's expired already yet i have not open it
so much love u guys
good night and sweet dreams
bye take care =)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bon odori

well knowing me i don't really write much =)

i only post pictures...

as i know the place was really pack it wasn't organize very well though entrance was free but still u have to take a long queue to get the food..argh..

place was really pack can't even fit in

they doesn't look fair here they're kinda tann

er...the food okok la not that bad actually....

bro n sista

we left there quite early nothing much actually so we ended up snaping photos inside the ktm

haaaaa i'm trying to get in
lol eldest bro trying to act as handicap

thats all for last saturday

bye!!! dinner time