Sunday, April 27, 2008

lil bro is always my good companion

yesterday was plain bored.
staying at home was like dreary death and tired.
Plus,my maid is not here yet, i'm lazy to cook.
i was starving just because i had irregular meals.
till then i had munched a bar of chocolate..still my tummy wasn't completely filled.
and i was craving for food like mamak stall,then we headed down to steven corner for supper.
the food there was pretty good tho we had roti tisu,roti pisang,roti planta and roti telur with side order mee goreng omg omg omg i'm getting fatter and fatter all i know i look so plump now haha
and we got back around 3something since i'm still wide awake i tend to sleep a bit later
so i just chat with my lil bro wth we had darn good jokes..laugh all the way...roar with laughter buahahahahhahaa we had so much fun that night though there's a conflict that i can't disclose it here...then we off to the bed arond 5 something tee hee =)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy birthday Billy

i guess this is the only pic i've with you ;)

cousinly love,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad condition

SIGH!!!...why is my body so weak?last friday until saturday i got diarrhoea and now sick!
i'm in a bad condition right now.I feel so dizzy ='(
suffering with fever,cough,headache and flue.
my body temperature is so warm.
i'm so hungry sadly i got no appetite to eat .
heavy food will only make me feel like puke.
i still doubt whether to go to tuition later and school tomorrow.
i hope if there's someone who will be there for me . Ya someone.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


OMG. my stomach started to ache's effing pain untill i don't know what to say..went to the loo lots of times..whole roll of toilet tissue been finished. DARN IT~~ gonna sue the school canteen..

=________= "

another day

currently listening to: click five-empty

every saturday is always my duty to put away the dishes,wash up all the plates,mop the floor and iron up all the shirts.It seems more like a part time maid huh....

oh yea, may day's concert will be at genting today so i'm sure people who going up like me will be having a massive traffic of course i'm not attending their concert haha just gonna have dinner there then drive up...mmmmmm full of mist there cause it had been raining the whole week so just a light inhale with fresh cool air..

i wonder if there's any prince charming could cuddle me with comfy when i'm there haha too much of imaginary in my mind...alright enough enough..*Slap twice on my face*

opps stop here gtg to red town ciao.

p/s:i don't feel empty now.

to the town

before i leave

retarded bros

silly me being retarded

such nice bro i've fetch me all the way to to midvalley get cupcakes

mwah <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5190843472244799314" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">Ahh... yummy yummy recently, i realize that i don't even bother my weight no highly doubt with the fats all i know i've put on freaking load of weight!!! eat eat eat
scrumptious cuppcakes
much sweet



night time dinner over at jln yap kwan euro deli it's more likely german food

overall the dinner was flawlessly good but is a bit pricey fo me.
tatto of the day pretty cool tho 'cockroach' fake one lar!!!my brother one was even worse than mine ' pirate skeleton'

right after dinner went to cousin back at 2.00am @_@


for god sake.i got food poison today.i'm pondering why is the school canteen so freaking dirty huh.Well today since kay and me decide to have nasi lemak during breakfast hour manatau just a few hours later my stomach started ache.Hence, i've a bad attack of diarrhoea due to the nasi lemak sambal. i've been in and out to the toilet for lots of times.Another case,which is last week wai hoong's found a small rock inside the sambal which is more likely in a peanut size and he almost eat it and i show it to the canteen manager guess what he say??? 'ohhh i think the workers accidentally drop it inside the sambal'...*snarl* wtf is that such nonsense u gave..and TODAY i heard kristyn's said one of our form 5 student found a WORM INSIDE THE DISHES which is totally gross EWWWWW A WORM!!!! omg can u believe it? alright i'm not gonna complain further all i know the school canteen should always habitually and carefully clean.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

filled with sweetness

OMG....i'm craving for sweets food which would gain my weight 10times heavier lollipopsso much sweets

I hope the owner of this shop allow me to grab it all at once and go!

OHHhhh!!! another mini bars of chocolates in heaven

omg this is so tempting

Sunday, April 13, 2008

lol got back real late.Sigh i force myself to roll on the bed and sleep.Why am i still wide awake? it's almost 4.00 am..arghhh nevermind i'll finish up my tuition hw by now.

so here i'm greet everyone's have a good night's sleep.
unlike me a nocturnal haha...

night after night

another hectic day.GOSH...slept real late yet doze off with slightly few hours cause i can't sleep really well.I'm almost asleep and just a msg i received from u, i feel bad of not replying and darn it ~~ phone rang..bla bla blahs.."hello.. i need healthy sleep" till then woke up with sunshine morning still my maid is not here yet i've to mop the whole house,iron up all the clothes, and wash all the plates untill the evening off to midvalley to get some stuff and cupcakes for here we go " saturday is hell of a fever night crash"

*beams* i hope there would be another awesome night

p/s: lets paint the town red

Saturday, April 12, 2008




Thursday, April 10, 2008

i'm freaking pissed right now......
i feeling like tearing all apart your skin

Friday, April 04, 2008

sports practice

yesterday sports practice staying inside the class whilst others gone down for marchingyea me not involving in any events..i know i'm weak in sports at times i tried my best to achieve too bad i'm still sucks in matter i put how much of effort and strength. I always realize that i bring disgrace on my house team sometimes is not that i don't want to take part in any events ,i know i don't have the ability to do it.Hence, i'm a fragile girl.

so coincidentally me & yen wearing the long pants yet same house colour whereas phoebe & sie teng wearing the short pants and same colour house tee =)

skip school

good morning people,

rainy days

masticating 6 piece of fried and oily pisang goreng for my breakfast..

lol me and the girls skip school today just to eschew the rehearsal for school sports day..yea yea is on the 5th of april tomorrow no doubt i'll be going there for a short while since this is the last year..hmmm supposingly i've to spent my time to study at home but i ended up cling to the net blogging..chatting around..and waiting for the damn flyfm cash call i know i won't be so lucky for that..step on the carpetlol once woke up..peeping out from the curtain and there it goes raining..have been raining for quite some days half -way readingchatting around ...

i know i'm total fiasco...helpless..i can't do anything for that..
i'll keep my silence to let it go

last saturday off to home town again. i guess u guys will be knowing why right? chengmeng... lol kiddy sleeping while listeninglol daddy looks like malay..too much of golfing

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


lol just don't know why there's this form 3 moments spring to my mind, somehow i really want to evoke back the moments that i've gone i know i'm gonna say it in artless way well i remembered how i hang along with the seniors..there was this mr edwald cny open house where i met his friends...and this started so well that i had so much fun with them...strolling around at pasar malam..having so much fun during food fiesta day..chatting silly jokes with whole bunch of them in the kind of them sending me back to my parents office...sigh i really miss form 3 moments right now.....time is really precious and you can't buy it.