Monday, June 29, 2009

shopping brighten up our day

Hello people, mid term has finally come to an end now. I'm so darn freee . As we know once the stressful days have ended,a shopping is a must. The cutie sharon had an urge to have a shopping spree at bangsar because she needs to splurge a few dresses for her upcoming birthday. A few guys were tagged along too.

We still shop continuously although it was raining heavily haha what to do cuz they're too many fancy stuff and trendy outfits around there. The babes kinda overspent but it's worth after all haha as long as we're happy with it.

the lovely girls

The tea & sympathy

my sweety pie


e.s.a loves
this dress really caught my eyes
love this pic lots
While waiting for anne's to foot the bill, we camwhored =D

arghh the skinny bimbo a.k.a anne's bought an elegant high heels here and i got attracted to it ="(
okay i look fat and huge here...

tee hee =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy birthday LCY !

Ok i blog just for the sake of someone, yes someone dont bother to ask =) Alright a quick update here. I'm not gonna write in detail cause i'm having my midterm tomorrow. So yeah,I know i've always ditch my blog aside lately, pls excuse me for having exam and pile of assignments are drowning me =(. Will promise to update more often right after exam.

Happy birthday Leong Chee Yong !

Its been a while that i never catch up with my high school friends.It was his advance birthday dinner last week that held at fun Ok & Poppy.

The girls

Birthday boy with the girls.

in wai hoong's car before we hit poppy

the srtiking girl =P

The one i heart the most

camwhore camwhore xD

silly hoong's ruin the whole picture

the babe


College mates.Look at the massive crowds ==''.The jayjayboi

lol, silly benji didn't know he was there too btw ur hair is growing no longer bald anymore .

A side note :I just can't wait for July to come .There're lots upcoming outing and party with the awesome people ;)


The brothers and I just grab back with numerous of hugo boss fragrance and anna sui cosmetic..
The brothers fragrance and i got none above =(

My possession

love the nail polish lots especially the red one ! good stuff heh =D

Sunday, June 07, 2009

chill out

Drove up to genting last night, went up there just to inhale some fresh air and exposed to breezes.Mmmm everything was plain good =D

Monday, June 01, 2009


My house electricity triped for 3times today. It happened since afternoon till night.When i was in the mid of bathing just now,everything went gloom with full of darkness inside the toilet yet i was home alone =( , maid went out with mum . The feeling was eerie, my first thought that come across to my mind was must be something ''dirty'' or whatever shit and i starrted to panic so i quickly get myself done and light up the candle for the entire house cause it was totally black out.Plus, i wasn't courage enough to walk around the house.Oh my, this seem to be so horror to me and the funny part was i kept praying ''na mo amitabha'' endlessly until my mum is back !


There is only 1 person that can make my heartbeat go up and down so fast.Like a roller coaster.

Duration: 3hours and 5minutes.