Thursday, May 29, 2008


i need some time to think and be sure about it
i've totally no idea for that so sorry
of course i hope for a good ones
and i don't take it as a game


i guess it's time for me to relax and travels

OMG i'm so exciting, *BIG GRINS* i'm booking a hotel right now hopefully there're rooms available...goshh the hotel is totally the perfect hang-out place for me and i got attracted =D. How can you miss it when there's something offer you with first-class facilities.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm so lazy
i've loads of thing to blog about actually

Sunday, May 25, 2008

emily's is hungry

so as usual me, sleep very late during the weekends .

a nocturnal who always stay awake in the middle of night cuz the night is always young !
it's almost 4.00am, i guess everyone is sleeping haha
well since today I've bought so much of bread & doughnuts.
muahahhaha supper supper supper....
i'm gonna give myself a satisfaction of eating 3doughnuts and spicy chicken floss bread from lavender tee hee =). Although I know i've piled on a lot of weight but who cares right? enjoy the food of life don't tell me u gonna starve urself of not eating.
omg once i open it,my stomach started rumbling.
kay this is for you haha if possible enough i'll keep this for u untill tuesday, i know u love green tea lots =D

mmmmmm yummy yummy this is so tempting

poor thing eating alone =(

o.O 4.14am argh shit still can't sleep, i've to wake up early tomorrow.

i guess i'm gonna stay up until i prepare to go out early in the morning.

i don't feel like sleeping now.

good night everyone's, sleep well =)

emily xoxo

Friday, May 23, 2008


fuhhhh~~~what a huge relief i can say, mid-term exam has finally ended, i did badly for lots of papers argghh whatever la...i'll just buck up my studies after the hols. For the following 2weeks holidays, i'll be quite busy with lots upcoming events and outing *grins* . Oh yea, i'll do my shopping spree with my mum tomorrow muahahahaha it has been a long time i never go for shopping haha kay sorry again can't accompany u to the carnival food day, i'll treat u a good ones in one fine day anyways i guess tomorrow will be a fabulous saturday =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Human & Nature
there're always ups and downs
I deserve to take the path
there's a bit of regretful though
a regretful smile, a traumatize smile
water walking with flip flops.


i've screwed my sejarah paper today...
the structure part was fine at least i manage to answer some of the questions
BUT the essay part was tough like hell.

exams is always stressed out to me =____=
there're 4 more papers to go

a side note to MORON: i guess u need slightly changes about your tempered and don't u ever shout at me without any proper reason.Duh, sej paper okay is not easy for me. Oh another thing which i really need to remind u, you're over greedily for food and all stuffs. Don't always demand food from people and go over people place to search for food without asking people permission, twice in a while is fine but you're over limit. (resent me if u want to i don't give a damn)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Lots of love,


i feel like drinking beer now....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

my forth finger is swollen arghh darn pain now! luckily i'm not a left hander otherwise i won't be able to write,...thanks to han yao's gate @___@

woops is getting late now
off to bed
nights everyones

part time job

Last week there's this home decoration exhibition at klcc convention centre. I was there to work to gain some experience from dad business.During the labour day was really pack and i get to see lots people with different kind of character.I bump into lots ssg students even mr.wong!

the crowds

awww i want this to be place at my house so that i can swim whenever i want.

haha from this picture you can see me that i'm really busy with work.

busy counting with the measurements.The width,length,and the squarefeets. Pening kepala betul ! =_="

alright this guy here is my boss! buahahaaha beloved dad

lovely mum with her sweet smile

this is the place where those malays rempit hang around

dinner @ chili's

alright thats the end of my work.

Friday, May 09, 2008


sigh..i'm currently using the school computer right now
all i know i'm friggin boring and drowsy
i shouldn't come to school today...
i shall play truant today
kay went for art exam
hopefully she gonna do fine there...cause u know la she is a very last minutes person as like me =p(kay don't come and hound for me if u read this)
guess what?? i'm the only girl inside the class poor thing =(

exams exams exams
still not well-prepared =__=
i guess i'm gonna fail my sej test with red marks

Saturday, May 03, 2008

SIGH..i've piles of work needed to be done
exams is just 1 week away and i can't even spent my time to do revision during the weekends
cause i've to work at klcc convention centre =___=
omg..i don't even know how to manage my time orderly's really late now even i can't sleep still i've to force myself to shut m eyes down tomorrow i've to wake up early in the morning
good night everyone's

current mood:sad
i'm deeply depressed right now...
i just had a row with someone...
everysingle things that i have done is always with a proper reason...
there is no trust between me and you anymore i'm tired enough...
all i know is a flash in the pan!

yea,i've been telling lies to you lately, yes a.k.a A BIG LIAR but all i know that i'm telling you white lies..why? because i ought to do so..
since you can't disclose what is it so private during ur conversation at those kind of places? well fine!
if you feel better to be that way alright go ahead.