Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life with ups and downs.

Oh hello folks,

this blog is so dead right now. Am sorry for the extended hiatus. Basically i no longer have the passion to blog anymore unlike way back in high school days i used to blog everyday that it feels like an obligation to me. Nevertheless, everything is inversely different now.

For those who sorta follow me on facebook, I'm having sem break now which is only 2 weeks and i can sense boredom started to kicks in. As once i get dread bored, i will start to stuff myself hell lots of food especially unhealthy foods which may cause you lots of calories . Oh lord, I've totally no idea what happen to my appetite. It seems a little inappropriate for me to eat a big portion of food in every meals i had. Gahhh whatever it's, life is about to live and eat. Eat all i want to as long as i'm happy :)

Speaking of entertainment. Not much though, only get to catch up with high school cliques and college mates for yumcha session, shopping and club in a bit heh...and started to attached with those taiwan and hk dramas lately.


In another phase of my life, I've so much issues to deal with and i dont know where to start from.
Feeling a little mournful with certain problems and always see imperfect in every circle of my life. It may sounds a little childish in certain ways but things that i'm facing in my daily life is not as easy as what you people think. Am pondering who is the right person to share my misery with. Whenever i hit the sack, there're uncountable questions stumble across and reminisce nostalgic past, why life has to be puzzle ? Normally, people will convince to think on the brighter side , think optimistic, let the nature take its course. No, neither i do agree power of words nor the desire to think that way. There's no way u can eschew when problems is not solve at all. Sometimes how i wish i'm able to hold on the time where happiness arise.
*Sigh* i feel like typing in chinese now cause it's way more easier to express what i'm feeling right now too bad i dont know how to type only now a little boo hoo !

p/s: ni bu zhi dao de shi

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just done with my midterms yesterday. Misery is not end yet, i have 4more assignments and 2 presentations awaiting me to complete. Looks like i'm gonna engross to truckloads of assignments within this few weeks. Poor thing =_=

So yesterday, right after my last paper (marketing that took me a massive stress for the entire night) off to midvalley with mr tall man for a movie. Mehhhh no biggie at all, just went on a movie date that turn into a dinner later. Am sorry for both the college darlings and highschool cliques. Was already knackered when u guys called up simply because I woke up at 6.45am until i got home at 11.45pm. Look how long i manage to survive for a day whereas the nocturnal me been sleeping late during the midterms week or i'd say that make no difference at all haha cause i'm always found staying up late everyday. Parents and aunties had a serious lecture on me. Will try to doze off a lil early start from today and make it as a habit. Just because i have presented them a pure pale face "greeny ones'' unlike the the blushy face. Alright gotta stop here. Off to aunt house soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


A number of work loads are piling up this month. I'm having midterm, 2 down 2 more to go.
Loathe business law and assignments much. Mood hasn't been going smoothly. I'm emotionally affected by things revolving around me recently. Just dislike much the feeling being solitude while you are all alone at home where i'm always found myself emo alone. Ugh poor thing thats very silly of me. Oh well, imma get over it with full of junk food and dessert.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craft brews

Sorry for the extended prolong. Few days back, I was told by my dad to plan out a fine dining dinner for his marriage anniversary. I was kinda surprised that he actually still remember ! There're a few restaurant that come across my mind such as delicious,full house, chili's, and victoria station somehow we've tried all before and the food wasn't really that delicious except Chili's.
Until I found a nice place which is pretty cosy hang out spot ,Craft brews !!! Brewhouse & restaurant where the place located at Mutiara Damansara.

Ahhh u may skip this part haha its been a while i camwhore


The ambience just meet my parents satisfaction.



They serve multi color beers.Czech Pilsner, Monster Green Lager, English Ale and Weizen Wheat Beer
We ordered Monster green lager. I only drank a sip, it tasted like normal beer to me haha but it stated that this brew contain premium spirulina.
Scampi aglio olio.
Rosemary butter cream chicken. Strongly recommended ! I like the sauce which is filthy rich in flavor and the black pepper mash potato is thick and tasted much creamy.
Pork burger. Fyi, they do serve non-halal food :)
Lemon grass dory butter fillet

The parents ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall the price is quoted reasonably and i suppose is a nice hang out to chill with your friends cause they come in a wide variation of beers.

After dinner, we were all bloated with the food. They come in a big portion and I finished up the whole thing haha and just so you know i have this bad habit to eat dessert. Since our stomach is fully occupied, the rest of us decided to stay there to watch fifa world cup.

Later on, headed to SS2 for dessert, K.T.Z

black sesame tong sui
mmmm mango loh !! my favs

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello June

Here comes the first day of June. I realize time travels like a flick. May has come to an end.
Degree in first sem has been going for a month. I hardly can grasp and cope with what my lecturer taught for all my subjects i chose in this sem. It seems like nothing cross over my mind ever since the class started. Business law is a tough one, as we're ought to memorize up all the contract acts and make sure u apply it correctly. Ugghh me dislike ! Plus there's this eff up additional subject which is UNIVERSITY LIFE that is entirely waste of time and money. Totally a bitch subject kay. The purpose it, you got to learn how to be a uni life student and whats next target after u graduated.
Isnt it pretty much lame =_____=
Alright, a quick one to update what i have been doing so far hehehe *smirks*
Just catched up with the high school cliques last 2days. Always love to update each other especially blabs around with laughters along that made u gone gaga and stomach ache when u begin with an interesting topic.
College mates, always hang out as usual. Especially with the lovely girls, went beauty fair @ klcc convention centre last mon !! pfft i only got mask whilst sharon & lucelia got the most cosmetics.
Wesak day- vegetarian of the day & went temple to pray hard ''a mi tuo fuo'' for half an hour.
Youth 10' event was rather a dissapointed event =.= but at least i got earrings and one piece cheap vintage wear.
Ahhh as for weekend, i always love to spend splendid day with my family on Sunday.
Made a trip to ikea get furnitures, got 2packs of cookies again. Junk food is always my favs heh.

Oppsie my face is half slice. Bro no skill in snapping photo.
Nom nom Nom ..ohhh sooo yummy jucy meat balls
Banana muffin
bought this yummsss

Friday, May 14, 2010

Snacks love !

Hello people, how did you spend your day ?

I spent mine stocking up a huge amount of awesome snacks.
A day with handful of pre loved junk foods and fruit from the supermarket.
Off to klcc isetan members day with ze mum & eldest bro in the morning.
We thought we'll get to see nice outfit that could caught our eyes indeed it was all like old stocks so we went to the food department instead.

Once the snack temptation appear in front of your sight, how can you resist ? haha
Mum and I just grab over all the food without any dubious and hesitation.
AhHHh...Snack just made my day.Feeling content after hunted the amount of unhealthy food which will cause me obesity soon after i finish all em' up.

Ughh, i have been buying lotsa snacks lately. I had even bought a few packs of cookies 2days back @ jusco. How am i gonna lose my weight if i insist to eat.

Very ruby red Strawberry from USA. Let me tell you, this is mad cheap compare to normal price. Plus, the size of strawberry is way bigger than the one that you usually saw at supermarket.

Ohhh,Pringles. Sour cream will be my ultimate choice.
Meiji HELLO PANDA & 4 in 1 pack choco biscuit.

Spot my chili corntoz cheese eheheeh. My favs
Butter crunch. Strongly recommended. Thumbs up !!

It was worth buying after all.
Ahhh splendid day comes along with food and catch up with thomas cup badminton tonight
Lee Chong Wei vs LinDan. (i'm actually watching it now, damnnnn lindan is leading 5-11)
COME ON !!!! Chong wei u can do it !!!!

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Sigh thy nvr understand and I swear everything happened for a reason .

Just to let u both know I have many plausible excuses that i wanted to tell unfortunately u all never want to listen nor accept. Yeap sometimes i do agree with u guys lecture partially and it is logically to be accepted but hey somehow i cant be selfish right, i cant expect my friends to do every single things just for the sake of me whilst they're having their fun there. I didnt take any advantage at all. DIDN'T !!!!!!
I dont mind if u guys badger me just because i know it's all about concern and love. Sadly, please don't always scold me innocently. It hurts sometimes. What i did last night i know it's a lil over, I did apologize sincerely kay. Plus, i didnt against . I dont like to start a row with anybody cause it feels so tired. Whats the point of hate or angry of someone. It makes ur life more dull.
Sigh who knows maybe my life journey expected to be blame innocently in every single moment or i'd say is already fixed.
I can sense that there're more bad impending to come. Oh well, this is the circle of life. life is always full of game, we should make use of those problems and learn something out of it.
Anyhow, i still love both equally cause i know myself consider a lucky girl in this family until today. Never demand too much. What I have right now is more than enough.
You all raise me up with hard earn money. I should be thankful to enter to this earth.

Every single words that came out from my mouth is all bottom of my heart.


P/s: I feel like typing in chinese nw too bad i dont even know the strokes and my pinyin nt accurate at all. haihhh wei shen me wo de ren shen hui na me shang xin ne.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Like finally i've completed my foundation course. Yeap, i passed all my subjects.
Did pretty well in the last sem. Attain one's goal with 3A's *winks*. It's time to boast my results to my parents of what i've done through out the year so that i can extend my curfew and have more outings tee hee =D.

Here comes the fresh start of degree major in marketing in year 1. I reckon it will be slightly tougher and hectic gahhhh.

Alright i shall post up all activities in one post overdue pics over a couple of weeks ago after procrastinating for so long.

29th of April. It's anne big day.
Celebrated at restaurant rendervous.

i like this pic lots. Look how happy anne's was


Trips held after our final examination as well as our last sem break trips before we separate our ways in degree. Basically the entire trip revolve around the small town where jonker street is the only place we can find good food and saunter around. Despite walking under sweltering weather is so not fun at all. Came back to kl with tanned skin.

Group picha

i like this pic
haha look at anne & kien.yap reaction

OHH !!! dessert my favs. The gula melaka just taste simply sweeettt
chicken rice ball. I dont find it nice or special plus it doesnt meet my satisfaction so far.

here goes the famous satay celup. Look at the long queue =___= we waited for like 45mins to get our seats.

My pinky handkerchief

Yum cha with the ssg frens <3

Hiking @ broga hill . It was impromptu decision that the college mates wants to go all of sudden. So obviously i didn't sleep during the wee hours untill 4.30 am sharon came all the way to my house and picked me up.

First stop at broga hill was feeling eerie and gloomy. We thought we went to the wrong place. Once i got down from the car, it was totally black out as if u were inside the dark jungle alone. Luckily my friend brought his torch light otherwise i dont even think i will move a step.

Early breakfast at mcd while waiting for others.

As we trudged along through the hill, we kept asking when are we going to reach the top hill.

Look at the amount of mosquitoes that we got stung
Sharon's hand. Poor thing..
and mine. got design somemore =__= darn itchy until it takes 3days to recover.


Headed to Sunway for shopping with Sharon.
Had our lunch @ full house.

all kinds of pose haha pattern banyak banyak

Lavender tea

Sharon's olio golio

Curry laksa. Hmmm taste more like normal curry me

Meet up with the long lost friend. William