Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hello readers how're you guys doing ?
oh yea regarding my lil bro sickness, he is very fine now (he can laugh & fool around with my eldest bro ) thanks for the concerns and calls =).
oh well my pleasant days are filled with contentment. Jolly to the max.
The entire week catch up with the cliques and did spend lavishly on shopping with the cliques. My savings is now in a red sign.Poor me.

Hello gaga girls, ain't this shades look chio enough haha

Meet up with my crazy friends. Been spending quality time with them. Tons of things to talk. Never fail to bore each. Thats why i love them.

the love birds - anne & reagan

at the same time shop with my darlings

On the saturday night, went to anne's sister bbq party

sharon ur eyes are god damn red okay ! Stop wearing cons at the moment.

ma twin twin

Ivan i know you're cool with the shade but it doesnt mean you can ruin the pic =p. Okok this is only a joke. dont take it seriously.
Okie i shall stop here now so sugar dreams people.
Gotta turn in now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


morning rise and shine.

i'm utterly exhausted today. The lil bro of mine have a serious infection in the morning today.Initialy, he puke and diarhoea in the morning .Later on, i saw him collapse from the chair and fell down by looking at him his entire body cramps so we quickly send him to the clinic badly the bloody doctor say she couldnt do anything with her cock face. Then we went to the second clinic,that clinic was way better.The doctor only give him an injection to loosen up everthing but it doesnt work well at all so he fell on the floor another time so we quickly held him to the hospital and the doctor calm him down.okay so the singh doctor say he dont need to stay at the hospital.

He seems to be all fine when he got back home. The strength is back. When i was doing my stuff, he told me he want to puke again so i bring him to the toilet to make sure he is fine. when he spew up everthing slowly slowly i saw maroon colour streaming down from his mouth while he was spewing then i thought he drank milo in the morning but think twice he didnt take any drinks at all and i look closer and closer I SAW HIM SPEWING RED BLOOD !! i was yelling all the way out to tell my mum & eldest bro "it's blood,it's blood !!!''. My heart was pumping really fast and i started to panic.This time was a serious one. We quickly send him to the hospital again and he is now hospitalized.

Hope everything will be fine. I wouldn't want to see such scene anymore cause it flabbergasted.

Late night talks

During the raya break, catch up with the cliques and chill out for drinking session.
Went to Pavillion right after dinner and watched " The Ugly Truth" with the cliques .

nice one =), i laugh like nobody business.
Right after movie headed to pandan indah steven's corner had our supper and talks there.

The friend of mine chan yit han makan sungguh banyak ! when i had a plate of maggi goreng feel enough bloated already.Hence, he want to order another plate of cheese naan and maggi goreng @__@.

Mr chan & meme.

We stayed there till 2.30 am,still reluctant to leave haha cause the night is always young. The chatting session wasn't over yet.

Picture taken outside from my house .

meme in quickly change into pyjamas once i got home =P

I think yen can barely open her eyes,her expression tell me that she is tired & drowsy i think

Okay look at the time now closely, it's already 4.03 am yet they were still staying there with me.Plus, they're not staying over at my house so they left at 4.30am. Wanted to sleep but my eyes were still sparkle.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

hello again

Tuning into the saturdays -issues

it.s 3.28am now,the nocturnal still pretty much awake now. Can't help myslef to sleep here hmmm anyhow you can skip this post haha cause it's all my camwhore pics =p .

i miss my long hair

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy seasons

Hello readers, it's 3.05am now. Haha yes knowing me i tend to blog in the middle of night and this is what my collegemates complain about.Gaaa..used to it.
Past few days, the girls tagged me along to dine at happy seasons so yea like finally i did not ffk anymore. We chose the winter season one cause it's the best ambience among all. Fyi,from what i've scan through the menu ,they serve scrumptious food and it's not that pricey though.Just to bear in mind, please bring along your jacket or whatever it's when you enter the winter season cause it's darn cool and i was wearing shorts wtf .

Ivan & Anne playing around

very cheesy mash potato


very glassy here

needless to introduce anymore as u know they've been appearing in my blog since long time

Heart her lots

cuddle the bimbo =D

anne..why are you hiding at the back ?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Happy birthday Looi Poh Yee !!!
It's her special day 090909, it happens once in a blue moon. How lucky
Hope you've a great and unforgettable day
Happy sweet nineteen ,you're one year elder now
Excuse me ! haha
The birthday girl Poh yee

Hello this is genius

The trio
Black and white

Friday, September 04, 2009

Semester 2

Hello people,
how are you guys doing ?
My 2weeks sem break has come to an end now.
well, it's my first week of semester 2. The entire week will be very free and relax.
Basically, we went to lecture class for half an hour then we can leave.
Since there's ample of time in between the break.
The geeks and college mates headed to midvalley for a movie

The geeks
Pls watch this.Strongly recommended !

Darn, i'd say a freak movie

Seriously this laugh untill i burst out in tears

I bet you'll never fail to laugh.

shop till we gone gaga

Its been a while i never shop with my lovelies.It was actually planned out e.s.a loves shopping day out during the sem break too bad the other twin of mine can't make it. ended up me and the cutest princess drove off to Sunway Pyramid last week.

Once we parked our car, without any hesitation of eating what. We just went in to DRAGON-I to have our lunch cos we've not been eating anything since morning and it was actually around 3.30 to have our lunch.

Sharon who claim that she is getting FATTER, i wonder which part of your body figure looks fat =____=

Sharon sichuan noodle beef soup

Siu long paooo !!!

Ugh this bowl of sichuan mee is all filled with a thick layer of oil. I don't find it nice though

After lunch,we started to walked from the highest floor to the lowest floor haha and we got ourselves pretty cool stuff.

it's very normal when a girl camwhore in front of a mirror.

Later on, we went to take neo prints .tee hee =)

Party party girl :D

I like this the most. Aint it cute ?

when the day was nearly dusk, we knew it gonna be a massive traffic and there we go stuck in the jam for almost 2hours.

Since the cars weren't moving at all, we started to capture tons of pics inside the car.
Oh ya btw, for those who really believe that i've finally chop off my hair literally short like those pics i showed you people HAHAHA sorry you guys got pranked by me.Yes, i've cut my hair approximately to 2 inches it's way shorter but not exactly that short like those pics below but
still long la.

Hello see this is my short hair. i'm not wearing a wig. It's authentic one.

Actually we planned to put on our mask during shopping but it looks awkward so we just kept it.

Beware of H1N1.

Once we reached home, we changed to casual wear cos it'so uncomfortable wearing heels to mamak.

on the way to ss2

me with gigantic spects

Have you ever seen the highest roti tissue ? can you imagine how high it's haha
if i'm not mistaken it costs rm5.00 per piece.

see this 2 fella playing with the roti tissue.