Thursday, March 27, 2008

hello people,

i'm in the ict lab right now
kay is just next to me checking her mailbox whilst i'm doing my econs work..
darn it...a tedious task that i've not completed which is the moral project
knowing me rushing with the last minute work..sigh this is so tiring
*yawn* i feel so drowsy
gtg for break now

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip old folks home

Today interact club members from keystage 3&4 will be participating an activity, we had organized 1day trip to pay a visit to old folks home where located at ampang welfare committee,kampung baru, ampang.
their living hall

we bought some cookies,soya drinks and nuts for them so most of all the food that kay bought is healthy especially the super nut is in vegetarian oil

and with good quality soaps as well

haha once i enter their room asked po po 'lei hou ma' they just wave their hand to me *warm welcome smile*

the por por room looks so tidy everything arrange very neatly unlike the gong gongs haha so this is one of the por por me and ivy communicate with because she is a hokkien lang so me and ivy can speak and understand but in the half way a bit rojak with mandarin haha i can tell you she is very active for octogenarian eventhough she looks kinda old and tiny size but still she is an exuberant por por very lively and cheerful. Apart from her life,she don't have her own family cos she's single! but luckily she has an elder sister who visit her at times.Also,she is very open minded person and very nice to chat with, during her adults year her jobs is to teach those students for driving lesson and and she sells durian before during her young age .She kept telling me about how's life is going on now and told us not to do backstab,betray and so on somehow from my opinion if u did something badly in future time u'll deserve something badly from the god and if u lose something sadly,u'll gain something unexpectedly this is what i always think simply because this is a life of sin.Plus,i believe in god and karma =)Mrs.Shiamala head of cca keystage 3&4 and since she came in the year of 2008 there's some doubt about her race whether she is a malay or watever haha guess what i shocked from her? she can speak hokkien with the grandma very fluently with her accent omg now only i know she is mixed her mum is chinese from penang and her dad is indian if i'm not mistaken haha wtf right!!

me and ivy distributing soya milk for them =)

some interact members and miss shiamala came in and help out to tie with the string

gong gongs room

all i know their lifestlye sleep and eat hmmm frankly speaking their life is kinda bored sigh i really pity them anyhow today i did a great job and my feeling towards them is really mournful to see them happen in this way of life.Hence,I have gain some knowledge from the por por i communicate with and I feel so blissful today after doing all this.

Friday, March 21, 2008

lol why is my brother so funny ahr?? he is just sitting next to me using his laptop to pm me silly bro why just can't u talk to me ? i'm sitting beside you lar..and i ask him to talk to me face to face and again he want to talk in chatroom. another weirdo haha

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
what time going 2 sleep?

emily says:
soon larr

emily says:

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
so late ady

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
eh u set alarm ah

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
then wake me up

emily says:
yes yes i will

emily says:
don't you have a hp to set ur alarm?

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
my hp at school

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺M
ĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
at aunty stall

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
remember wake me up

emily says:
oh ya ur phone left at aunty house too bad lar u cant sms with her

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:
cant cant la

®ŴĬĺŠÔÑ®™☺☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:

☻ ☺MĂÑÇĦĚŠŤËŖ ÜŊĪŢĔĐ☻▶◀{♠♥♣♦} {} says:

emily says:
jimat pulak

emily says:
ok nites i'm going off now

Thursday, March 20, 2008

into the blues

my entire month was very hectic and was very pissing off.
i've too much of work to do and the date line is just around the corner,it's too tedious.
i haven't completed any of the assigments like morals,lisan and oral.
all this is no doubt in anyway making my life very miserable
i'd say a flash in the pan, it's effing nuisance.
i'd prefer you to tell me precisely rather than like a nincompoop.
why just can't you stop that daft stuff i tell you it'd be that dumb if u deny that haha
i'm greatly sorry for treating you harshly but i just can't help but think you're a really stranger person.
the impression you gave me made me think of someone i really despise at the moment
under the day u replied me the pretext my feelings towards you worthless
i'll do my part as you'd do yours

Thursday, March 13, 2008

currently listening: janet jackson -feedback

it's midnight now the weather seems good. my area is raining and full of mist here
sigh holidays doesn't seems fine to me i'd rather schooling than plain bored here =.=
yea it is spm year i knew this holidays is a revision week so mostly part of the ssg students very hardworking to do revision and study and all kind of stuffs
knowing me i'm those kind of person who is last minute work
i had a row with someone it's really sad to happen i had my plaintive days since last week i guess
oh well my relatives came over that day..

ohhh thats me with my widely open big mouth..i was trying to blow off the candles

ahahaha very long wish...i wish i could......

i was enjoying with my music and later on my little cousins sneak in pffttt whenever they come into my room they'll horse around and everything become a complete tip

see see see this cunning boy here was holding my hand to call me to entertain him

here it goes pillow fight!!!

omg i tell you my hand will just break in few seconds kik sei ngo!!!
and he was like keep jumping up and down on my bed...argghhh disturbance he is too much!! but at time he is *cute* yet nice to play with

okay gonna sleep now

good night's


Sunday, March 09, 2008









Saturday, March 01, 2008

cross country

Well yesterday cross country for 3km blue house won!!! and i salute phoebe tan she was so bold on running and yellow house got the2nd place not bad lar...haha and it's so sheepish for me to get 1 point for my house team anyhow i was utterly exhausted cuz i ain't active in sports

Day 2

Day 2 early in the morning till evening we just stroll around at the golden triangle..where is times square,sungei wang, and pavillion it was darn tired in deed it was awesome..and we bump into lots of ssg students around bukit bintang area.times square...i scarcely see the crowds at the cosmo world theme parklol this guy here loves to take pics haha best buddy of mine easy to deal with itsnap snap phoebe said mayuka loves to take neoprints pics

later on we take monorail headed to petaling street in the evening instead of night time to squeeze in with the crowd and avoid the jam pack lunch @ king's cafe

they really enjoy this dried meat it seems so scrumptious for themphoebe and mayuka was walking to monorail station back to pavillionby the time we reached there we're rushing to the loo...our bladder couldn't collect so much urine!!!kay host emahaha we're so bitchy on that day i couldn't stop laughing at her she's really funny ..pfft she used to bully me all the timedinner @ madam kwan'safter dinner we headed to sunway pyramid actually i was kinda drowsy & exhausted and so flabbergasted that i was rouse by the fire was the best scene yet the best night ever with the heaps indeed a candid shot Friendster it's really late and my bitch (phoebe) here still active and exuberant haha cuz she was pleased from someone no la jk jk we're hyper too =) *ahem* i shouldn't disclose it here later she come and hound for me blehh is all rumours okay!!! then we went to the pub to chill out for a while haha can see my eyes? i can barely openby the time i think i just got back at 1am hmm can't really remember and slept at 4 something woke up at 8am then went down to ipoh celebrate grandma birthday
fuhyoo damn tired..but i sleep well cuz i've a long chat before i shut my eyes down =)