Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life with ups and downs.

Oh hello folks,

this blog is so dead right now. Am sorry for the extended hiatus. Basically i no longer have the passion to blog anymore unlike way back in high school days i used to blog everyday that it feels like an obligation to me. Nevertheless, everything is inversely different now.

For those who sorta follow me on facebook, I'm having sem break now which is only 2 weeks and i can sense boredom started to kicks in. As once i get dread bored, i will start to stuff myself hell lots of food especially unhealthy foods which may cause you lots of calories . Oh lord, I've totally no idea what happen to my appetite. It seems a little inappropriate for me to eat a big portion of food in every meals i had. Gahhh whatever it's, life is about to live and eat. Eat all i want to as long as i'm happy :)

Speaking of entertainment. Not much though, only get to catch up with high school cliques and college mates for yumcha session, shopping and club in a bit heh...and started to attached with those taiwan and hk dramas lately.


In another phase of my life, I've so much issues to deal with and i dont know where to start from.
Feeling a little mournful with certain problems and always see imperfect in every circle of my life. It may sounds a little childish in certain ways but things that i'm facing in my daily life is not as easy as what you people think. Am pondering who is the right person to share my misery with. Whenever i hit the sack, there're uncountable questions stumble across and reminisce nostalgic past, why life has to be puzzle ? Normally, people will convince to think on the brighter side , think optimistic, let the nature take its course. No, neither i do agree power of words nor the desire to think that way. There's no way u can eschew when problems is not solve at all. Sometimes how i wish i'm able to hold on the time where happiness arise.
*Sigh* i feel like typing in chinese now cause it's way more easier to express what i'm feeling right now too bad i dont know how to type only now a little boo hoo !

p/s: ni bu zhi dao de shi