Saturday, January 31, 2009


hello ! this post was supposingly post on tuesday ! sorry the laptop is not with me.
so here is my greeting to all of u out there, Happy Chinese New Year !

as usual, both of my parents are from P.pangkor....
i'm still collecting red packets =p hehe
i had the most delightful food there, everything is so tempting. Non-stop eating those cny cookies.

as for pangkor is all about eating, i just can't imagine how much kg's i've gain -__-.
what i dislike the most is the weather there is effin hot ! my skin just got tanner wtf ! ok la not to say i'm over exaggerate, i need to fresh up at least 5 times a day, my sweat was like kept streaming down .

thats the "lok lok" stall i ate in pangkor cos it's clean and hygienic unlike the kl ones =.= and i've nvr try kl "lok lok" stall before.

yummy sauce.. i had 2 plate for it !!

reunion dinner

muahahha here comes the gambling part, i don't think anyone out there still playing this game haha..i don't know whether u guys know what's this..


cny will be a lil bit hectic for this few days !!!
went to wai hoong's place last night and sleep over at yen's house !!
i'm a bit exhausted actually .


Gonna off to someone house tonight at bkt Kinara so i really need to take a good rest for now.

Sunday- off to alfred & irene house at rawang for bbq party !!
monday- i've promised that heaps of guys and girls to go over their house gamble and midnight
head to selayang to pray for the so called "pai tin kong".

well ANNE.C !!
this is for u haha sorry for letting u to wait for the date ya !!
i'll promise u to make it as soon as possible, time is fully pack =(
i just cant find the right time...


Friday, January 30, 2009

emily's still up on 5.00am
just came back from pangkor and genting.
she's really dead beat...

Something is just not so right today !!!!
someone has just offended me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



i'm already addicted
Could Nate archibald & Chuck bass be any hotter ?
gossip girl
cant wait for season 2 !!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


hello people !
Seems like i've been neglecting my blog for quite some time.
i don't keep my updates everyday. Indeed, i'm lazy to blog and post pictures.

so yesterday was one of the night that i got to gather with my childhood pals at my uncle area until midnight.
we had a really good chat though it has been an ages we did not hook up.
Had so much laughs with them. Talking about childhood moments. turkish dinner.salads.fruits.
*exhales* stuff in so much food there.


Just had my brunch with my family at avenueK.

then off to shopping malls.

i rarely snap picture with my eldest bro. Here is one of it.

*chuckles* tralalala
ahhh, i'm happy today.
what i can say is 10 times happier.

Monday, January 12, 2009


pfft. i'm very angry now.
my parents are really driving me up to the wall now adays. Seriously, i've never been this pissed at them before.
i dont understand why're they scolding me without any valid reason indeed they badger me like hell. Even today my dad just scoff at me on the phone instead of asking me whether i reach home already or not.Actually, there's a reason for it. Sometimes i found out he kept repeating the same thing until i got fed up with it. All this while, my patience has gone up to the limit. I'm afraid that one day i'll utter something really nasty to them. However, i still have to bear with all these problems. Darn ~, i merely know this might never end untill they slowly give me full freedom.
All this while, i've never try to against them as i know they're my true parents. Sigh..

till then,
emily xoxo

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Regarding about the college stuff , i'm a lil bit regret of not going into january intake.

Supposingly i'm going for march intake.Despite, for march intake is really a rush !! as they will rush up your work and u've to catch up ur lesson cause we graduate with the january intake students. Sigh...most probaly i'll be entering the july intake eventhough is kinda late but i've no choice for that =(.

basically i'm still indecision of choosing the course that will lead me to a better path.
* mass comm

i need to know more about it. i'll be going to klcc for the education fair this sunday.

ohhh another thing that i've to thanks nat and vvens who gave me the guidance about mass communication. it's great to have their explaination. Thanks for calling and help me to check out about the registration whether is it full already. Ahh, thanks for everything.

hopefully, i get the right choice !