Friday, August 31, 2007

national day

Merdeka-50 Golden years anniversary

29th August school celebration

oh yea not forgetting ivy's birthday falls on merdeka day!!
team workmy quotes
ouch!! don't poke my butt
wtf!!! my d***
we're trying to imitate someone'skay&me dress up in kebaya way so patriotic
what are they trying to do?????

tired of practise for the performance and he ended up rest in this way

kris&anto dance in tradition way

cross leg-i'm a bit tired and was still drowsy

lol damn hot&tired man everone looked slumber so while waiting for our turn to perform we just sit there did nothing...oh yea, we have lovely couple here

a conversation between anto&chelsea

anto says: don't go away I want a shot of both of us

chelsea says: *drolls* ooooo okay...

so sweet huh =)
what have I did to you?? you seems so angry * scratch head*

anto says: will you marry me?

chelsea says: what? why all of a sudden?give me some time pls.....

yes or no ? why are you facing the other way....
chelsea says: okay yes I xx

okay okay face the camera pls 1 2 3 take heeeeee so now both turned up to be peace forever no war

30th August countdown

well since my house facing the view so i'm not going to town squeeze in with the crowds then yau called up ask me whether i'm going to countdown in front of my house then meet up lol of course i'm larrrr but is not that clear here come with some pictures during the countdown

getting lots car & peoplethere was a mini fireworks so when i walk further and further more see who i saw?? the lovely couple haha caught them
guess who're they?

heeee i'm not gonna tell I guess u guys know

okay i'm tired not enough sleep this few days

good night's sleep tight


Sunday, August 26, 2007

my possession

my belongings

yen and phoebe do u notice anything?

look a bit closer.....i haven't open yet xD

my favourite possession were my souvenirs from my beloved friends heeeeeee they brought back from Japan and Hong Kong so far i've collected a little part of them and i'll never open to eat it even the yellow and blue can of bottle is expired =( I feel like open and drink it too bad larr I always keep. My mum always tell me that I loss in myself for not eating every single thing lol Japan stuff so unique anyhow items that are collected is full of memorable past events.

Maria maria towel
disney cookies

disney chocs with lovely wrapper and ribbon with disney prints

sorry girls and guys don't come and hound for me for not eating =p

Sunday, August 19, 2007

holidayss come

as holidays come bunch of kids and children are always overjoyed but to me holidays doesn't sounds blissful to me and ya know i'm dreary death staying up at home even there are stack of dvds for me to watch but still I prefer schools as I can meet up friends to chat with those blabbermouth,sharing foods,enjoy titbits while teacher is teaching and taking nap somehow I enjoy schools lots than staying at home nothing to do wth I can't wait till the school reopen. Oh yea I have a partner who sits beside me do have almost the same habits eating inside the class and yet infront of teacher add on my partner now a days kinda addicted with reading comic so called 'teenagers life' like dating life with a lil bit ham sap pictures hahah wtf all I can say is all about love story despite, I don't really know how to read mandrin words =(

alright here come with random photos






the one who loves to share snacks with me

love blabs

seek for her whenever I face problems perhaps a good listener

this girl is addicted to online games

a camwhore never change his attitude xD

a great friend of mine who's too too kind and helpful a real dude of minetaken 2006 during pmr year all looks like studying type and much thinner than this year

why are u blaming me?oopss i don't mean to touch it =p

when i almost get drench by them cause i'm not in swim-suit after pmr the usual us at snap for neo prints photo

primary class photo

anyhow i cherish the each take moments,

it wouldn't disperse away,

it wouldn't be fade away,

andddd I love my school life since i was primary at ssg.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a day at times square

spend the whole day at times square
hmmmm i went over hotel times square look for my nephew and niece where they came all the way from holland =)

Angelina & Alicia

pretty Alicia

baby kent ain't he adorable??

meanwhile, meet up with the girls to neway inevitably i don't sing i'll just sitting there like a dolly doll...but i ended up shot for more more pictures heeeeeee to keep away from boredom.

they entertain me with self-timer 10 sec

Phoebe and meyit han a.k.a camwhore

choi yen and mekay n me
wai hoong a.ka future singer
5 of us

lol what am i doing actually? i guess i'm scratching my neck.Han took it.

well we have lots of fun a great day though i don't really sing but i enjoy hanging along with u guys to release somekind of feelings during the dinner time i didn't get to join them to the ship then i walk over to hotel berjaya times square meet up cousins,niece,nephew, aunties and uncles from holland for the last reunion dinner before they leave.

after dinner went back home fresh up then headed to steven's corner for supper with cousins and family...omg i'm meaty already eating non stop arghh i'm tired i'm fat i have double chin.

sigh....something depressed me got traumatize from ***,so blue,so tired.

heeee tomorrow is friday no tution and i'm gonna start my drama

i gtg go now good night's sleep well and happy holidays =)