Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 ---> 2009

knowing that 2008 is coming to an end..

Throughout the entire year, there're poignant and jaunty moments that i've gone through.
somehow i don't feel too good for this year. But that was already past and i finally made up my decision for the statement.Not gonna think something really daft, no point of thinking.There's no way of helping as that is not a solution. Apart from that, i'm now enjoying my days and life. Having lots of laughs this few weeks. haha whenever i laugh i tend to burst out in tears cause i've too much jokes and fun *grins*. hmm still missing their damn lame jokes.Talking over the phone with them in the middle of night *laughs*. Haha everything is a blast.Anyhow i did appreciate every seconds.

look people, 2008 is just almost pass in a flash. 1 more day to go, will be the new year of 2009.

everyone is looking forward to 2009 isnt it ? me as well haha. I hope 2009 will be the most enchanting year. Hopefully, i can fulfill my resolutions.

oh shits , he makes me laugh again. keep laughing. Can't stop laughing.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Having choco mints.nougat.vono mushroom cheese soup. with another additional slice of cheesdale.
oh ! this is making me real fat. I tend to had food like cheese and breads that is putting on my weight lately. Plus, i had my brunch with a few slice of domino's pizzas at my my cousin hairstudio in the afternoon. whatever la ! i don't even bother about my body figure. Food is a way to enjoy.

Speaking of christmas, i guess everyone's will be heading to the town for countdown.

This year will be a lil different for me, i'm not gonna countdown indeed will be having game with splashing water at the pool side with the guys at the abandoned house haha.

sign off,
emily xoxo

Friday, December 19, 2008

argghh !!
why the heck is the internet and msn so doom today ?
showing me this darn troubleshoot, isshhhh
nevertheless, i get to access to the blogger here. weird

so as today i went to get info about the undang thingy, yes people !! i'm a bit late though my birthday is on the march !!! well blame me for being sucks in time mangement haha

later on, headed to mph bookstore since the day is so dull and boring. i was there to flip through the cleo and female magazines and i've been looking for a story book which is really nice to read and extreme. Plus, highly emotional. hehe knowing me lar hor ! very picky wan =p. Sadly, i don't see any nice storybook either.

oh yea, not forgetting telling u i bump in to this lil chubby girl phooi sze !! sitting next to her on the carpet with our books there. We're talking about the prom stuff and those current teenage students. Giggling at one of our topic. *laughs* i still can't stop laughing at the oh so called aunty =p . Ironically, they 're meant to be those princess girl huh ? haha

alright i shall sign off now !!
gotta go for baking session
gonna bake really cheesy cake tee hee =)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i've litte things to remark about this person
well knowing u for a long period of time, from my point of view u've totally changed into another person.
what makes me think that, you're so fake when u're facing someone u despise him/her hypocrisy. Don't u think so ?
Trying to wear a mask in front of him/her, saying things that are so different. You only know how to gossip and give catty remarks on those people. Despite, at the end u talk bullshits.

hey you yea it's YOU.
u look so worthless and like a nincompoop.
whatever it's i don't treasure u as my friend anymore, you're just not worth to be.
oh yea, another reminder i'm not your companion okay!!! u thought i'm ur dog or ur wat ????
when u need someone to talk or kill ur boredom then only u look for me ? u need someone to make u laugh either ? i shall tell u better fuck off man. I'm not ur clown.
Please use 'companion' this word in a proper way not in a sense of friend.
For ur info, a friend is to treasure not treating them as ur companion.
don't mention things that is so mean. Think before u say something.
what i can see, u're such an good actor, having two faces like u are like a failure
u damn fakeshits.

sorry for being this mean to u, but i just can't help think that u're really a stranger person.

oh well, don't let me see ur effing face whenever i see or bump into u .

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


A side note to u,

Throughout the courses of bygones,
we've disperse into different path. Maybe this is fate.
We are not destined to be together.

Yup, i've tend to fall at the wrong track at times.
You just can't blame me for that, this is life. Sometimes, i do get back on the right thoughts.
why does it have to be so bias? are u stupid or what ? i guess u've grown up to think rationally.
i've questioned myself for so many times why am i so dumb to entertain things that it wouldn't happen in my life ? pfft you're just being greed with companies. don't u think so ? yea friends.
the way u talk will leash to dissappointment.
why do i've to bear this burden ? i really don't understand.

To you love is a game just meant to be played. Isn't it ?
where 3 words often said are lies spoken by those fakers and fuckers.
For the sake of having it, it's only a sad pathetic that left in my memory .
love is about making decisions and one deicision affects other.
if you treat love like a game. Start loving urself before you love another.
the stain u left in my heart, couldn't be cure.
love requires no words.
love is an excuse, an excuse to get hurt.

Yes people, i've a great intense on this guy. There's no way of controling myself.
But there's nothing i can do about. *weeps*
i've been thinking and missing over him since the day had ended.
i wonder why is it so hard for me to let it go...

All in all, the game over was painful with tears streaming down.
well i guess thats the only sole main reason i know now.

p/s: u know who u're, i write this with my tears flowing down on my face.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Just randomly thought of picking white colour for my toes.
Painted my toe-nails with white paint.

yen's bday @ la risata

the birthday girl

Thursday, December 04, 2008


exam is finally ended
somehow i don't feel any huge relief , hyper or extreme.
all in all exam is over. Thats it.
It's really neutral for the outcomes yesterday.
I've been over thinking for every single thing whilst i'm on the bed lately.
Well, i won't be seeing ssg studets until the results is out around march.
Yea, i guess everyone's know i'm not attending the dinner even i've the choice to.
I've my own reasons for that.

Till then,