Friday, February 29, 2008

sorry for the late post. My daily have been hectic lately...tons of homework needed to be done...and and the only friday could set me free from blogging & surf net

as the school has organized 5th Malaysia-Japan student exchange program and i wanted to host them since few years ago till now sadly, i can't cuz the date always falls on my granny's birthday and i've to travel all the way to ipoh oh well luckily i'v e my bitch to plan for me to stay over at yen's house for 2days lalala

Day 1 we're trying to imitate japanese pose 'peace' anybody mandarin oranges???

night time we just went for a walk at pasar malam

the king fruit- durian located @ pandan jaya

ahaha ming hao's i guess he manage to split maya said 'this fruit smells so stink' haha

Putrajaya highway bridge

to be continue day 2

Sunday, February 17, 2008

cny open house

for god sake, i'm really exhausted
got back at 3.00 am @.@
plus,we've school yesterday woke up early in the morning
bloody tired man.....
and and school was bored like hell only 5 of them came to school
after lunch, left 3 of them wth!!!
luckily break & lunch i've my girlfriends to entertain me
girls talk is always a common thing haha they set my mind,some advices and craps.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

*widely grins*

mum got me Paris Hilton (Heiress) perfume
oooohoooo i didn't know that my mum remember what i said before
well past few months i did mention that paris hilton perfume is nice
simply because the smells is pretty good indeed SWEET!!!
i'm really lovin it and i didn't demand it from her
eventhough i've been falling in love with this

*wink* she got me this as valentine's gift





p/s: i'm just pondering who is this person arrgghh please la reveal your identity the message you've written is so strange i wonder how u know those things had happen there =.= oh well someone is really driving me up to the wall!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

sorry for the late update
i've been very busy lately
my time is pack
well my cny post is a bit late
but cny is not over yet
alright here comes my chinese new year vacation

is kinda bored actually cuz my mother side all just went off to china
only left a few cousin and and luckily i've the closest cousin to stay with me

the beach
the way i eat just like a hog

Friday, February 08, 2008

i merely keep my sadness to myself
i don't share with my friend or whoever it's
all i know my mind gonna burst in few minutes away

valentine tag

tagged by li shan

Is valentine's day important to you?
i've no idea wait till i officially have my loved ones

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
yea i've lots of boyfriends & girlfriends but is not in a relationship

How long have you been in a relationship with him/her?
haha can't tell u now cause i don't have one now =)

Do you have a crush?
*drolls* guess so

What do you think of him/her?
friendly & funny

What is the best valentine's day celebration you ever had?
i've never been through this moments before maybe in future time =p

What type of guy/girl you like?
not being calculative
high educate
not being flirty
actually there're more to mention
p/s: i don't find a guy match with my condition so no one is perfect

What is your perfect valentine's day?
don't know!! i think saturday or sunday

Who do you wish to see on that day?
someone perhaps some random guy who can match with my personality keke jkjk don't know la!! indescribable

Do you believe in true love?
don't know !! guys are rarely loyal all i know they love to flirt

tag 6 person to answer this question
all my friends have been tagged so i'll just tag phoebe & yit han

Thursday, February 07, 2008

happy chinese new year

ehehhe i'm in pangkor island right now
i got my red packets so fast i thought it'd be tomorrow
i'm looking forward for more red packets haha
i'll be having my reunion dinner here
the street just so happen to be hustle bustle
all the kids & cousin are playing fire cracker
and i'm here blogging whilst my cousin gambling
hmm i'm not so into gamble
i'd rather stay here eating fortune cookies
darn~~ this is so tempting i eat lots non-stop
full of cookies and soft drinks here
uncle offer me beer
haha just a few sips
or else i'm gonna drunk =p
so once again

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

will be back to hometown pulau pangkor tomorrow till sunday =___= this is extremely bored ugghh tons of homework have not completed yet and and i'm gonna stay at this long 5days huh
so how? i won't be bringing back to finish up... sigh just leave aside
won't be in kl so happy chinese new year to all of you

morning call 5.00am
it's really late
i gotta sleep now

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

3rd of jan
it was mum birthday we celebrated with her at golden dragon boat restaurant as u know wai hoong's restaurant

yee sang

we wish everything thing go with flow and smooth look at my cousin expression haha he can't do it like the seniors

Monday, February 04, 2008

the girls outing

last saturday i spent my quality time with my girlfriends.Well it seems hard for me to hang out with the girls cause i don't pratically go out with my girlfriends so sad huh..actually there're but it's in a bunch of them included with the boys.We wanted to watch game plan which have been releasing for a long period of time and we're all late and missed the front part grrrr cause we always said we still have ample time even we get in on time and the advertisement is stil playing haha but is still fine to us..sob...sob..damn touching lar the ending part..

lunch @ crystal jade

kindliness of phoebe

after movie kay can't get to join us she went back for dinner only lefted me,yen and phoebe

speaking of chinese new year theme

chill out @ baskin robbin

i love this pic lots both of them seems enjoying with their chocs

haha credits for phoebe, was on the phone with my bf hehe jkjk

night time headed over to sri hartamas to celebrate cousin birthday dinner

my favourites sadly,i'm broke

knowing me i don't really eat raw food but what i can taste from this salmon fish is really fresh

soba mee with cold soup is just flawless

skip skip skip....after dinner went to mamak again and have our blahs there then over to cousin house eating with this heavenly scrumptious chocolate banana cake from zang toi.

omg this is really tempting but i feel bloated

by the time i reach home at 3.00 @.@

then sleep anyways,it was fun & tiring.