Monday, February 04, 2008

the girls outing

last saturday i spent my quality time with my girlfriends.Well it seems hard for me to hang out with the girls cause i don't pratically go out with my girlfriends so sad huh..actually there're but it's in a bunch of them included with the boys.We wanted to watch game plan which have been releasing for a long period of time and we're all late and missed the front part grrrr cause we always said we still have ample time even we get in on time and the advertisement is stil playing haha but is still fine to us..sob...sob..damn touching lar the ending part..

lunch @ crystal jade

kindliness of phoebe

after movie kay can't get to join us she went back for dinner only lefted me,yen and phoebe

speaking of chinese new year theme

chill out @ baskin robbin

i love this pic lots both of them seems enjoying with their chocs

haha credits for phoebe, was on the phone with my bf hehe jkjk

night time headed over to sri hartamas to celebrate cousin birthday dinner

my favourites sadly,i'm broke

knowing me i don't really eat raw food but what i can taste from this salmon fish is really fresh

soba mee with cold soup is just flawless

skip skip skip....after dinner went to mamak again and have our blahs there then over to cousin house eating with this heavenly scrumptious chocolate banana cake from zang toi.

omg this is really tempting but i feel bloated

by the time i reach home at 3.00 @.@

then sleep anyways,it was fun & tiring.

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Kang shu shu said...

I'm absolutely starving now!