Saturday, May 23, 2009


its been a while i felt weird in this way.Myself don't even know why am i feeling lost & insecure.Every night i've to question myself where my direction goes at ? i'll get a little annoys when i see something which i dislike.Maybe something nasty. I don't know either.A few regrets which i can't turn back anymore.Lots of frustration always come across my mind.I've been keeping myself busy to overcome everything and get myself out most of the time.I don't know what will gonna happen up next.Hope everything is fine and jolly.

p/s: Perhaps a midnight bottle could ease the pain.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


*yawns* the medicine makes me feel drowsy and it is working now anyway =) okay i know i'm a lazy bimbo here who don't update her blog so often for now and this is what anne & carmen claim as this morning and i'm wondering where's anne now..she must be out with someone she heart the most now yea unlike me a decent girl who always stay at home =p. Arghhh college is so not fun at all at times but in the meantime laughters and jokes are always around.Pile of works need to be done on time and mid-term is near.somehow i'm trying to get my mind off to this person.Something distract me lately.feelings change,everything change.feel so clueless now.Everything happen all of sudden.Alright hope everything flow naturally.Opps i shouldn't be blogging here now ! back to my work..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


she has a bad attack of diarrhoea for the past two days till now ! sleepless nights for her lately..can't even sleep well every night.she tends to wake up every 2hours in the middle of night and enter the loo to defecate.ughh I don't know what is going on with my health ! It's getting weak i'd say. Plus, my stomach is torturing me right now..argghh !! anyone can get me pain killer ? Darn is effing pain..

Monday, May 04, 2009

hello sorry i've been neglecting my blog for quite sometime due to my house connection was down for almost here is an overdue post about my twin anne's bbq birthday party at her house. this silly here celebrated her bday in advance due to her actual birthday fall on orientation day haha anyhow we did celebrate with her and i hope u love the pressie =D.

mum drop me at sharon house in the afternoon. Lol, we had our gossip session inside the room, manicured our nails and applied something really cute & funny on our eyes which was cucumber eye bag mask then at night headed to anne's house. We arrived there kinda late but i never expect everyone were so punctual haha

my bestie & care me the most...

the 3 of us

always my babe <3>

''very amezing'' cap here




her actual birthday is on 29th of april which was on wednesday during our orientation day .Lol, orientation day is a waste of time ,they're talking craps the whole day untill i get bored i just skip for the next day. We were all actually struggling with our timetable. Trying to arrange our schedule orderly and i wasn't in the mood on that day maybe something distract me yea something which i tend to pissed off easily at times..

Finally we put on our broad smile here

ESA loves

the one I heart & hurt the most....awww sorry babe =(

muahhh darling

Btw, sharon couldn't make it with us for dinner and we had our steamboat at len sen area.

edison with his usual pose