Sunday, August 31, 2008


Merdeka !! Merdeka !! Merdeka !!
Proud to be Malaysian
Also, Happy Birthday Miss Ivy

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka celebration

Before we leave ssg, us girls decided to dress up our tradisional costume.
Different costumes, different colours
ivy-her birthday in on the 31st of august, how cool huh?my bitch

my sweet chatter =)

classmates excluding ivy
my pretty class teacher.


Yesterday merdeka celebration wasn't that satistfied. The performances were all bored and common compared to last year . Nothing special. Last year was way better and fun.

we were in everywhere

awwww the lovely couple

0.o whose bags??

Saturday, August 23, 2008


My uncle bought 35 PACKS of nasi lemak from Pulau Pangkor
Hence,i just ate 2 packs of nasi lemak..
i might as well eat another 2packs later hehe .

Thursday, August 21, 2008


i felt something strange last night haha
usually when i'm on the bed, i dont get fall asleep so easily unless i'm tired.
so when i was rolling on the bed whilst thinking of you and you're just so happen to ring *grins*. Once i picked up the call it was a stupid question from you grrrr this was not i expected from you okay... anyhow what a coincidence i can say. Despite, the duration call was just only a few minutes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

current mood
have been fussing over something this few days...


After having whole day tuition, i'm utterly tired and bored cause the subjects just made me feel drowsy yet someone is not there pfft! Oh Great ! i'm having tuition tomorrow early in the morning till 10pm how nice huh? yea, actually it's nice when i get to see someone there haha how i wish to see you tomorrow again. Sadly, there's something i feel awkward this few days i guess we gotta fix it or else we'd just miss it either remain in that way! darn~~i really doubt about hitting each other this few current feelings is like so confused or got mixed up.

P.S. u know who you're
with my true hearts <3
emily xoxo

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yup, well said old hag
Dont forget you don't have the capacity to say anything
alright here comes a huge ones for you


Monday, August 18, 2008

dreadful days

Throughout the whole holidays, i have my tuition everyday and my tuition will be long for approximately 2-4 hours. For heaven sake, this can be really dead beat. I'd rather have my school time to joy with my classmates and friends especially our laughter moments inside the class,sneak out from the class secretly,playing with our cellphone and arguments with ng wei lip hehe and if you're reading this actually i'm doing my school works whilst blogging sigh i've tonnes of homework needed to be done. Later on, i got my tuition from 6-10pm. @_@


so yesterday was a sunday weekend as well as family day. My parents,brothers and I were all prepared to go out with myvi car cause is easily to find a parking and convenient, when we were on our way to have our breakfast suddenly there was a x-trail car keep honking at us non-stop and he is a sei kuai lou so my dad & bro get pissed with it just because we're sitting myvi and he thought we can bullied easily. okay here comes our conversation fights inside the car.

kuai lou : he winded down his window "Fuck you chinese and *shows middle finger*"


kuai lou : wanna fight isit ? come down and fight la

bro : what the heck you want now? Go back to your country la FUCKER !

dad : you disgrace the country,FucCCKK YOoou*shows middle finger*.

as the fights go on i really can't stand with the SEI KUAI LOU then i just winded down my window
and here goes my kau kao kao ones

emily : I yelled at him " FUCK YOU, you son of a bitch" this is not your country and what's your problem now? *shows middle finger*

when the traffic lights turn green, THE SEI KUAI LOU just drives away haha just because he got no balls to fight with us

5 vs 1
he was the one who asked for fight mana tau he drives away.....
haha when the fight conversation closed, my mum and dad was like "haha what have you utter just now? bad words lar...i can't stand with his lan ci face then whole family *laughs*

Saturday, August 16, 2008


got a last minute phone call from babe last night..

winnie : eh tomorrow wanna go jogging?

emily : haha i thought of calling you to jog tomorrow too but i tot u sleep already

winnie : haha we memang have the same sense

emily : of cos la!!!

winnie : so tomorrow meet u at 8.30

emily : okok goodnight

well since i've piled on lots of weight and had gain almost 4KG as i can see my physical appearance had changed .Chiefly, my butt, my tummy and my BIG FAT DOUBLE CHIN , i really need to burn all my fats away haha mum has been complaining me keeping snacks inside my room.

Certainly tomorrow we will go for jogging in the morning again and tag along my younger bro.

Morning Shines

Sunday, August 10, 2008

what a day

went to with moi today then meet up with the birthday girl at pavillion.

OLYMPIC 08.08.08

Yesterday was a special day with the date of 08.08.08. tonnes of couples married yesterday how cool huh??? how i wish to haha .

Plus, yesterday was a olympic day where held at Beijing. The opening ceremony really impressed me loads okay!!!! Damn cool hahahha my family, cousins and i had our dinner kinda late just because of that.

Another thing, we had our dinner at living room with the mini table.

how i wish to see at beijing

So You Think You Can Dance

Saturday, August 09, 2008

off to pavilion on family weekend

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

hey peeps !!
i'm gonna update my blog really soon so sorry
the net have been really doom this few weeks
****stay tune****