Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A side note:

Hello kid, next time think before you talk. Don't act like a nincompoop by explaining everything to back up yourself. You know what that was a pretty brainless thing to do. Inevitably, things that you did have proven everyone wrong.People seem to tattle around that how you overdid during the class was going on & film shooting so do bear in mind the way you act & talk. Feel resentful if you want to. I don't deserve a worthless friend like you. No offence .

P/s: Go ahead clowning around. Ironically speaking, i'm enjoying every single thing !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After being stress out,thank god finally i've done with my presentation and public speaking. fuhh what a huge relief. There're still massive work-load to be done though ! I've been slacking a lot lately. Finals are just few weeks away,i'll have to make sure i fully utilize my time to buck up my studies.Okay i'm becoming a geek soon hehe.Nah..that wouldn't be.Hmm,basically i've nothing much to blog about.My daily life still goes on smoothly haha as i've great friends who bring joy and laughters to me most of the time. They maximize my happiness.

alright here is an overdue post about sharon's birthday party. A quick one, not going to write in detail. Pictures explain everything.

Very generous friends.Poh yee and Pui theng.

the girls

luceilia and me =) silly anne's took without my notice.nice one ;)

birthday princess and me

the love birds

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

how i wish stay out of this crappy politics
sometimes it's better not to know people problems perhaps i don't wish to bother
i rather know nothing
it's annoying
ugh !