Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy la..

Hi all.

Gym was awesome yesterday. Did a great work out. I started to feel the pain from every part of my body especially muscle part.Even i laugh stomach also ache.Knowing me I hardly exercise cause most of the time I will be sleeping like a hog at home haha.

Today is a happy day. Why ? haha cos i did a little shopping at Pav. Hunt back with 4 tops and a legging. Everything is so much worth it.

Well time travels like a blink of an eye.2009 is coming to an end. 24 more hours to go will be 2010 year. Turn over a new leaf.
Make a change in life. Start a new episode from the 1st of jan. Wipe away all your bitter moments. Prepare a fresh mind with a brand new year. Yes, I'm looking forward for 2010.
I aint gonna make any resolutions cos i knew it wouldn't be fulfill. So yea just let it be.
I'm sure everyone will be counting down on new yr eve that same goes to me haha.

Oh ya, speaking of my result.Yes, just release out today. The grades just simply pleased me.
2 high distinction which is Quantitative methods & Office application. Computing essentials is still fine for me. Prob & stats a little disappointment For malaysian studies will be different case hahaha cos no matter how much i put my effort ,it's either safely passed or I got C for it.
Seriously,I'm deliriously happy with it. Darling Anne said I done a good job. Awww *hugs* twin twin.My hardwork does pay in the end. Thumbs up. *beams*

Thursday, December 17, 2009


My grandmother is in severe pain right now. She has a brain tumor cancer since 2yrs back and she has reach at the stage which is unlikely to recover due to her age. You know everyone love her loads even each of her grandchildren treat her like a mother. We always have the fond of love towards her even we're staying at distance but the relationship still remain as lovey dovey.

Tomorrow will be a public holiday. Everyone will be going back to hometown. Mum called said yesterday she has difficulty in breathing this is scary. She hasn't been consuming an
y food for 8days n tomorrow will be 9 days nor consuming water only a drip of glucose yes a drip not a sip. She's getting thinner day by day, her hand seems like a bone without any much flesh. This make me feel pathetic over her sufferance.

Once i saw her lying on the bed tears will eventually flow. I know i can't do anything for her right now. All i need to do is pray her and may the god bless her. Namo amitabha.

ah ma's looks so cheerful here ( picture taken a month ago)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi all.

sorry for the extended hiatus.I no longer update my blog efficiently. I'll only update when i feel like to.
Finals just over today, and holidays begin now.
I wonder why am i not thrill over the holidays with my exciting mood here. I know there are so much things to catch on.
I'm looking forward to party, outings ,meeting up the babes, trips and have a great days ahead.Friends from overseas are coming back to kl. ohh by the way, my trip is cancel due to personal reason I ought to.

A tranquil place to have a good drinks and shisha to sip on is what i needed the most right now. Just to relax the piece of mind.
I've a premonition that plaintive days is approaching. Within these 2 days, mood hasn't been going smoothly. I have figure out that life is always a game.It's always up to you to make use of those problems and learn something out of it. Never fall into a big trap. Everything happen for a reason.