Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi all.

sorry for the extended hiatus.I no longer update my blog efficiently. I'll only update when i feel like to.
Finals just over today, and holidays begin now.
I wonder why am i not thrill over the holidays with my exciting mood here. I know there are so much things to catch on.
I'm looking forward to party, outings ,meeting up the babes, trips and have a great days ahead.Friends from overseas are coming back to kl. ohh by the way, my trip is cancel due to personal reason I ought to.

A tranquil place to have a good drinks and shisha to sip on is what i needed the most right now. Just to relax the piece of mind.
I've a premonition that plaintive days is approaching. Within these 2 days, mood hasn't been going smoothly. I have figure out that life is always a game.It's always up to you to make use of those problems and learn something out of it. Never fall into a big trap. Everything happen for a reason.

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