Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last saturday went over to anne's house. It was actually walter's birthday bash held at poppy. Jc & anne tagged me long.Chiefly,anne,me & the bunch of people did paint the town red.That night was full of glamour, we dance to the max.anyway thanks to wei kit who fetch us there and jason the one fetch me back sorry for troubling yea. We arrived there quite early and we waited for walter's then only we entered there almost 12.Didn't know the world is small, is like everyone connected. Bump into familliar faces and a few ex ssg there.

edison, the emo guy
thea and me
muahhhmy darlinggg anne's
jason,anne & jc.
the gay partner here
edmund was obviously drunk and take a look at jc ==''
awww here goes the sweet ones anne's
walter and a few of the guys got drench in the pool and jun chong as well haha
See they were all completely wet !
ahemm anne's the hottie ones here

lastly, walter's (birthday boy)

good night's people !

I guess it is pretty obvious that i have put on my weight tremendously. My face look more plump now and my double chin is always there.The reason i'm fat cause i have been staying up late for almost everyday and i ended up had my supper. As i know my stomach tend to rumble in every 2 hours.Fail to diet. Inevitably, i catch up with two of my lovely friends for eating.

we had our lunch at sushi king.

mango with passion fruit ice

haha very lazy to rotate the pic

mmm yummy very cheesy spaghetti here. haha my saliva is dribbling already when i see this.

Finally, I can spend my ample time here blogging.
sorry i've been quite busy to blog and not posting up any pictures. Will try to update more.

arghhh ! my money is reducing day by day =__=. Darn broke now ! . my bank account is in the red.
Luckily Coreen offer me a job. It's not a good pay though but i don't mind working cause i'm too free.

People look at the crowds !! they're not visitors..they're all exhibitors.We're waiting for the right time to enter.

angeline and me the lovely ones, angel

sharon and me

from the picture above u can see how tiring it was. especially my legs were aching..

Friday, April 17, 2009

In a click

currently listening to - The saltwater room- owl city

Which i totally don't know why the heck today stay so awake.It's freaking 3.20 am now.
Since i'm plain bored in the middle of night, so plan to chat with this person who is in birmingham studying right now, even we're at a distance but we still keep in touch though.
The person who's generous always have faith in me yet always solve my problems is coming back real soon !
We tend to exchange song all the time, yea like indie and some country song haha..
Didn't know we're pretty much in a click heh !!
And i didn't know you're a big fan of indie la wei..so don't you ever underestimate me kay...btw, i introduce you pretty darn good songs okay so be alert la haha...
*beams* i just can't wait to receive your souvenir in either next month or early june..

turn in

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Today's horoscope

it looks like things are going to start picking up for you romantically speaking, because a bunch of new people are entering your life. You're in the perfect position to build something bigger out of this momentum! You can finally build a partnership that will last longer than a few dates. You've been spending more time with people who stimulate your mind, and one of these people might be ready to get something going. Pick up the phone and get something social scheduled with them.

p/s: why so accurate one ???

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Compliment ?

Full of hatred on me ? haha
yea, hell knows that i'm UGLY yet having an ugly hairstyle that sticking on my forehead.
So what ?

hello moron i'm being exactly who I am now, what is so wrong about that ?
i am very glad that u can learn your english so well..how i wish i can..but u know what..i just don't wanna be someone who only major in certain things because when you lose it..you're nothing.
To be frank..I can speak several languages and i am already satisfied of it.

I gotta admit i've lots of grammatical errors on my blog.
Even though my english ain't that perfect like you but i'm putting all my efforts to learn.
People may make some mistake at times.

3 words : Practice makes perfect.

This anonymous here had left a number of comments by telling me how gross & stupid i am here. Thanks for your compliments once again thank you. By the way. Are you a coward or what ? why don't you reveal your real identity instead of putting anonymous as username.

This person here still haven't reach at the age of puberty yet. I'd say childish yet immature.

Sometime people really got nothing better to do in their life, ehh go and get some life out there la wheyy

If a person hate him/her lots, why does he/she visits her blog all the time ?

hate me so much ? stay the hell away from my blog then =)

hello u've almost leak out ur identity ,
do u know what we call feedjit ?

For ur info,this is my very first and last time to reply you.

I'm not free to entertain or reply ur msg. I find it daft.

I'm glad that u always pay me a visit, although u hate me but u've made my life colourful.
*grins * I should thank you for increasing my number visitor of readers.

You know who you're.

till then,