Wednesday, February 25, 2009

happy curls

It has been a long time that i've wanted to change my hairstyle. Initially,I have thought of cutting my hair into those bob hair but i just can't let my long hair go off in a flash haha and dont even have the guts to give a try.

Well having a long term of holiday break just bores me. So why not stay at home curls up my hair.Thought of giving myself a change with my new look here hehe..But I can't claim that it's a nice curls cause i did it all by myself. Is only a satisfaction for me =).

Sigh i'm doing this very often lately, the curling iron is now damaging my hair & it hurts real bad when u get to see your split end.

2 words
Be civilize. =)

Day out

okay lots of frens keep badgering about my blog is gonna dead way too soon ! hello is not officially dead yet. I did update once in a week. Pretty free though, but there's nothing specific for me to blog about and I just feel too lazy at times.

Supposingly Anne & me hook up together since this babe wanna get some fresh air due to her major problems...Nevertheless, her school friends join along for lunch, it was fine for me meeting them.

We just roam around at sg wang & Pavillion. Nothing much actually it was a lil plain bored when there're some people u dont know & dont know where to start off with the conversation haha *shy* but at least we did talk abit =). An exceptionally for Anne, she's hyperactive enough to me. Loves her all the way cause we're always in a click ! You'll never know how she behave like .

Anne & me

I look kinda awkward & huge here haha anyway met Jeffrey, thanks for the ride ! haha

haha u communicate well with both sides at the same time.As we said, we'll have another plan for next date.

Friday, February 20, 2009


it's 2.20 am now..@___@
whenever I stay up late my stomach will start starving..
this is the reason why i put on my weight so much haha..

slouching on the chair like a hog enjoying my food..
masticating some choco bars
hmm tummy still not full enough and i dont feel bloated
drink a cup of vono mushroom cream soup
plus, another slice of gardenia bread with a slice of cheese and some chicken floss topping..
mmm yummy everything is good...eating whilst listening to trance & telepopmuzik.
Chatting around with the heaps as shopping..catch up with my drama..

something just made me laugh today xD

i gotta say " hai lat lo"

u damn penis fool haha enough with ur jokes lol..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you know you are so effed up ?
hello come on la !
YOU are not the only one whom i wish during valentine's day ?
i wished all my frens included YOU it doesnt mean anything..
As what i think there's no harm sending messages to frens..
If you want to tattles this to everyone or ring somebody up, alright go ahead =__=" (be like a pat por out there ) . Seems like u wanna gossips this without any limits oh well perhaps i should suggest YOU to create wonderful stories.
Don't you think that you are way too smug ?
Looks who's the one who embarrassed me in front of all my classmates huh ?
Deng ! i need my pride okay....
People like you really not humble & unkind at all..
well hate me if you see offence at all !
Seriously, i dont give a fuck man ! The moment i knew tat u betray & backstab, the impression u gave me was like a piece of shit...sorry la i've to be this mean cause you're so not like the past few years unlike now.
Certainly not my fault, think twice la dude !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

working days

hello !
currently looking for someone who is generous & helpful enough to replace my job during this weekend,
which is on the 14th and 15th.
i won't be able to work within these 2 days..
well i guess u guys know whats the job is, is an easy task.
Just be part of the promoter for sony ericson from 10.00am-9.30pm @ pavilllion.
uniform & pay will be given and don't worry =)
is a good pay i would say.
this is how the uniform looks like
if anyone out there do have interest, text me or just ring me up !
let me know as soon as possible ya !

much love,

Thursday, February 05, 2009


hello people !
i just received a brand new job !
Gonna work as sony ericson promoter at pavillion during weekend ! somehow i'm quite satisfy with the pay..but sadly the working hours is freaking long !!!

oh yea, another thing which piss me off today,
the f**king nigga better stand 10 metres away from me !!!
Stop being flirty lo, I feel like spew in front of u seeing with the shades on and trying to be cool out there..
pls don't let me bump into u in front of my shop,i'm so gonna screw u out man !!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009



May u have a healthy lifestyle this year and i hope u've a great and unforgettable day

bro is just being retard now adays. he'll kill me when he see this lol..