Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy birthday bros

I noticed that people around me birthday falls on the March. College friends, siblings,highschool friends and ME !!!

It's roguish brothers birthday today !!! March 23.

Both of my brothers birthday tend to fall on the same day and same date. Yes ! that coincidence.

Happy birthday Green & Orange hahaha !!!

Make a wish make a wish~
Warren & Wilson : Promise not to bully my sister so often

The Gf ( soo jin) and brother

Birthday boy came back with a brand new hairstyle. Get badger by the parents persistenly. Being a dentistry in future shouldn't have such hairstlye even you're in Imu college. Hahahaha !

Lanci face.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Self-made tong sui

It's on a whim the siblings and I came out with a brilliant idea to make a so called look alike snowflake dessert. Somehow much like a refreshment tong sui.The outcome doesn't turn out as what i expect. Alright here goes the procedure. It's an easy task. You need not much ingredients.

Step 1 : Prepare cincau which is in slices or u can cut whatever shape u want, Mine is like "black worms" haha sorry to gross u guys out there.

Step 2 : Slice the longan puding into cubes

Step 3: You can drip a few drops of Ribena if u want.

Step 4 : Also, put a few drops of diluted brown sugar in case if's it not sweet enough.
Step 5: Here is a mini ice-blended machine. Make sure u blend the ice finely.

Tadaaaaaaa ! there you go. Chilled tong sui.
Fast and easy.

I have 2 retarded brothers.

My grandmother !! =) ( ho chiak !)

mmmmm jeng ahhh.. *dribbles*
P/s: Sharon fuam u can come to my house for tong sui next time.I'll make one for u. Dont need to travel all the way to Kepong anymore hahah


oh hello sunday !!
Just so i was in a beauty sleep. I was awaken by the sun beaming on me endlessly ugh !!.
It's afternoon now, basically i have not taken anything since i woke up from bed.
Stomach is rumbling for food now. Will ferret it later once i finish with this post.

Oh finals is only few weeks away and i just done with my midterm last 2days. I know i know it's so late right =.=
Sigh i have been slacking lots lately, i think i have to buck up my studies instantly where
I hardly see myself touch the notes. All i know is once i got back home. Hide inside the room and cling to the laptop like nobody bussiness.

tata peeps.
Have a pleasant day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Am currently at bro uni. I need something to take over my boredom. Ugh. their library here is so freaking cold ! i feel like i'm in a cold storage now @.@
Will be leaving around 10 mins away. Waiting for him to check up & cleanse my teeth.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SWEET 19 !

Hello peeps,
I'm back on track for blogging
This post is gonna filled with heaps of picture & wordings. Do bear with it yea :)
You may lay back & relax enjoy reading them.

Birthday tend to happen only once in a year. It is also one of those day you yearning desire for birthday parties & celebrations.
Time travels like a flick. Yeap i'm officially 19 now. Sigh how i wish to stay younger somehow.
How nice if time could rewind back haha.

Alright i'll begin with my high school cliques first. They have been my longest period of friends since primary though we have disperse into different pathway but still we do catch up with each other most of the time. Friends may come & go but great friends like them is never easy to search. They planned a dinner surprise for me too bad Phoebe's accidentaly leak out the venue so the plan was already ruined but is alright as long as with these cliques. I'm already happy with it. We dined at restaurant

Victoria Station. A delightful dinner for me yet scrumptious.

Bao bei & bimbo a.k.a my bimbo

Lil bro & me. ehehe camwhore bit while waiting for them to pick me up :)

Surprise by them

my darling han
Oh Phoebe's Phoebe's. Makan makan
anne Liew,muah, Phoebe

Right after dinner, we headed to alexis bistro to chill out. A place where we can update each other and have a nice drinks to sip on.

The cliques.
Rasberry-cranberry soda.

ehh i like this pic :)
They tried wine. Eeekks i don't like. Just cant adapt with the taste.

Further on, my COLLEGE buddies & E.S.A loves !!! Hanging along with such friends like them for a year is one of my grateful thoughts. I'm glad to have them by my side. Really thanks for that wonderful night. Heaps of love & hearts u guys kao kao.

Yeap off to midvalley for Pasta zanmai.

mmmmmm nyum nyum nyumm

the college guys.
College ladies :)

Luceilia. Anne, Muah, Sharon & Pui theng.
aww kisses.
The twin sis.
Luceila. The one i'm going to study with throughout the 4yrs.

Ohhh sista !!! another bao bei

Pui theng. Smart girl who always guide me in studies. Love yea.

Look at this sor poh. Ntg better to do.

e.s.a loves as always. Hopefully we will nvr drift apart for the rest of our life.

camwhore camwhore.

Look out point

Pui theng & Kien yap a.k.a bear bear
Anne & mun leong
Jian hong. Dai kor.

Moni & I

Another surprise from them. It was on my exact birthday.

B'day cake =D

As for the exact date of course i celebrated with my family. I was really dead beat after the excessive outings so right after class, went back home doze off for hours. Recharge energy for night time. Dad knocked my door and came in. He said " Did u received my msg & calls ? " ( eh he seldom text me wan == )

I was still blur tat time. So yea he texted me with a lovely msg yet sweet. Cannot tahan wan. Read also will laugh hahaha. Still i heart both parents equally.

Yeap went to klcc. Dined at Chili's ( lat jiu)

i like this ehehehe
We were all bloated so never intend to buy a big cake. Yeap molten cake.

I like how the vanilla ice-cream melted in my mouth. Flawless.

hungry face.
ma big kor kor.


Lovely parents.

mami & papa.
All in all,
I cherish every single bit of them.
Thanks for those who wished me , phone calls, And the recording. Much appreciated.
Love ya'll
emily :)