Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sickness overwhelm

Woke up in a day dawn this morning. I could sense the heat around my body. Yesterday was already feeling unwell but i thought it'll be a minor ones. So yea i've overcome by nausea after sleeping so late everyday and now this cause me having fever and flue now and soon to have sore throat. Look whats the time now ! I'm suppose to turn in now. Why am i still blogging here haha u see dai sei or not. The friends already told me to sleep early,drink plenty of water which i actually did and rest more. geeeeeee i promise i'll sleep after i done with this post.

I notice that there're number of people birthday on January so yea yesterday night there're 2 high school friends having party at the same day. I attended Hui sin & her sis in advance birthday party @ her house. Bump into ucsi friends- jia wen & her bf mou seng and stupid jian hong haha what a coincidence. Pictures will upload instantly after i receive all from 'em. I know i know my blog filled with boredom now, only filled with wordings.

alright the clock gonna strike at 12.00am soon.
gotta sleep in peace. Ahhhhh * sneeze*
Good night's peeps.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


DAMN... my hair is frigging blonde now which is likely to be lala hair color and my hair is not even straight at all. It looks the same even i straighten it. That make no difference at all. Thanks to that EFFED UP HAIRDRESSER. Please brush up your skill perhaps u should go for a haircut class.

The current hair i'm having now is totally shit and turn me down. Right now I don't even feel like going to college tomorrow and attending friend's birthday party. For god sake, it's effing UGLY !!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello there.

Just came back from gym with the bro.Utterly exhausted right now but i dont feel drowsy at all.

Oh yea,I'm back on track into blogging world after procrastinating for 19 days. I know the readers are decreasing day by day but that doesn't matter at all cos i have nothing in particular to talk about.

The last weekend was plain good. Sunday was a pleasant day for me. The brothers and I off to The curve for shopping, cousins was there too.The eldest one went to gym so the youngest bro and my cousin accompany the kindliness of sister to saunter around the mall but guess what they ended up ditched me alone how sad :( Wtf right.

Just so when i passed by a watch shop, the twinkle eyes of mine caught a glimpse of gold watch which i've been craving for a couple of months. So yada yada hands got itchy. Without any hesitation I've purchased a watch with ma own cashh. I'm lovin in it and and bought abundance of gold accessory which total up cost me like a bomb ! The both annoyed brothers kept giving catty remarks of how ugly is my earings la,bangles la, ring la, waste money la, and the funniest part is thy asked '' why are u turning back into those olden days like aunty only by buying all gold gold stuff ? ( i was like kenot meh this is trend). So yea, my money is obviously in a red sign . Gotta watch my budget and save more from now.

Ohh already 2.35am. I've class tomorrow.
Gotta turn in now. Tata peeps !