Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holllaaaa !!

Through out the fortnight holidays was rather hectic and dead beat. I'm suppose to spend my time to rest more and sleep well after struggling for finals in the middle of night in fact i'm not. I found myself like a nocturnal cling to the laptop until the sunrise. Plus, hang out with babes and people i love, went for hiking at broga hill early in the morning like 4am obviously i didn't sleep for the entire night haha so energetic and on vacation with the college mates. This week will be the last week of holiday for me, we're celebrating the twin babe of mine bday like for 2days,meet up friends for a drink and a few sips of shisha. Yeah, life is short and we're still young. We should explore fun & activities to the max. Don't u agree ? okay cut the crap. My eye bags are getting serious lately. Tell me how am i gonna reduce the darkness. It looks so fugly.

Alright i'll stop here now, gtg soon.
will upload the pictures soon :)

emily xx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday love

Good morning readers,

The day has come to dawn now. The laptop clock strike at 6.28 am . I'm still considering whether to sleep or not cause i know my parents will drag me up for morning breakfast later and they certainly will of to somewhere else.

I always love to spend my quality time with mum and whats more friends as well but family will always in my main priority. Yesterday(saturday) was sleeping like a hog until my lil bro woke me up from my beauty sleep just because mum called up for shopping muahaha of course my eyes would turn sparkle after i heard from that.

Once we found our parking at Pav, the first thought that came to our mind was food. Yes, my stomach was rumbling for food and we went to madam kwan. Oh yes, people whenever u pay a vist to Pav. It's always a MUST to quench your thirst at SNOWFLAKE !!!! Mum and i just got crazy over the dessert especially the Taro balls taste simply original. * drools* this dessert has begun to be my drug addiction now haha.

After spending my time with mum & brother, meet up the lovely peoples and walked over to klcc for Pc fair. Well nothing much, I'd say the promoters overflow the customer. I dont think they have to hire soooooooo many promoters at one specific booth haha and i saw tons of brochure turn into garbage where i get to see people started to litter around the carpet. Arghh it's such a waste. ok cut the crap haha later on dinner, and late midnight talks with them. Ish this is why i'm not sleeping at all now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi all,

I highly doubt that whether there's still people visit my blog constantly. Maybe not but that doesn't matter all.
Like i mentioned before, I'll only blog when i feel like blogging either there's any specific thing i wanted to share with.

Finals just ended today. Sem break commence from now.
I've been studying like a geek for the past 2weeks until when the day my final ends. Worked so hard to squeeze in all the important points as much as I could. I reckon overall the papers were equally same. Neither easy nor hard I supposed.
About the holidays, I've promised a few of them for the catch up session. Finger crossed with someone blahh. A vacation with the coll mates. Am ready to splurge a few piece of juicy dress, note the only thing i do only once in a blue moon when i've huge amount of savings. Party all night long until when the day dawns if i'm live wire haha. Study hard, party hard.

On a side note: For those foundation students, I've stack of left over fresh notes from sem 1 to sem 3 if i'm not mistaken. Feel free to collect it from me. I'm very generous to give out all cause i dont like to see my notes clutter around my room by leaving aside unreasonably. Remember it's for freeee ya people :)