Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi all,

I highly doubt that whether there's still people visit my blog constantly. Maybe not but that doesn't matter all.
Like i mentioned before, I'll only blog when i feel like blogging either there's any specific thing i wanted to share with.

Finals just ended today. Sem break commence from now.
I've been studying like a geek for the past 2weeks until when the day my final ends. Worked so hard to squeeze in all the important points as much as I could. I reckon overall the papers were equally same. Neither easy nor hard I supposed.
About the holidays, I've promised a few of them for the catch up session. Finger crossed with someone blahh. A vacation with the coll mates. Am ready to splurge a few piece of juicy dress, note the only thing i do only once in a blue moon when i've huge amount of savings. Party all night long until when the day dawns if i'm live wire haha. Study hard, party hard.

On a side note: For those foundation students, I've stack of left over fresh notes from sem 1 to sem 3 if i'm not mistaken. Feel free to collect it from me. I'm very generous to give out all cause i dont like to see my notes clutter around my room by leaving aside unreasonably. Remember it's for freeee ya people :)

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