Sunday, October 28, 2007

eco dusun trip

our trip to dusun eco resort

ughhhh lazy to write i'll just post up pictures with some description

where is our lorry??
our first aid sissy poo!!

our dorm

halfway eating found an insect-horrible i have no appetite to eat

jungle treking

hahah act like a sporty girl

our game piggy back

orange slippers

3 groups-raft that we've made

looks like our draft gonna drown

in the middle of night

flying fox-damn fun as u can see greeny nature while flying

on our way back...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saturday dusk was too bored to not a family day cuz we have missed out daddy who've went for golfing...there is nothing to do for me so I sneak in secretly to bro's room to horse around while he was studying silly me and asked wanna out to korean village since he study all day and night then we tagged along cousin for dinner at reastaurant nak won which is just renovated..
found it thick

taste like asam laksa i'm lovin it

can i eat now??? i'm starving

always have refreshment after dinner, their barley ice is different from us theirs are taste better


oh yea Sunday morning breakfast at pandan indah and thanks to my roguish brothers 2 vs 1 purposely propose to pavillion cuz i dress up in a very casual & untidy way wearing short pants and normal t-shirt then over to pavillion take a long queue to get 2 dozen of doughnuts back they just leave me alone there and go shopping.... mmmmm yummy yummulicous

omg can we eat now?? really can't wait...

mouth- watering
mummyyy seems so happy to have doughnuts here
oooo..... saliva dripping
enjoying with doughnuts
i like this.... strawberry...
lol seems like i'm helping j.codonuts to promote

todayyyyy went to parents office staying at home is gonna dead it was too bored.... arggghh i've tons of homework waiting for me to finish up

my backpackk.....this deodorise body thingy spray always leave me refreshed and cool down whenever u spray to ur body

up next eco dusun park byeeeeee good night's

Sunday, October 21, 2007


sometimes peoples really got nothing better to do chiefly, saying like "a leopard can't change its spots" as i can say one word that i could describe 'childish'....too free till they have nothing to do.... I'm sorry to say that it's seriously sometimes they just ask with really a daft question.Apart from my eyes, at times is not worth to be... i really doubt this statement maybe this person is someone who is born into a family which belongs to the highest social class as i'm can't rise on it maybe we're too far apart and have the different sense and character on us it just annoys me when u started with this statement i've tried to bare it once but sadly it does not works..well i don't think this person will be reading my blog mainly this person don't even know i've a blog and ya know i'm trying to strike on you my words can be weapon but i'm trying to express so do notice and change yourself.

bye good night's people i'm going on a independent trip

Sunday, October 14, 2007

one world

so yesterday,saturday it was a busy day afternoon mum and i take ktm to midvalley to buy some stuff sigh i can't get any outfits then we went over to robinson to have a look..some of the shops are still renovating nothing much actually preferably midvalley... oh yea, not forgetting yit han's birthday sorry can't get to attend cause so coincidentally my cousin birthday so i'm busy with their stuff... night time off to one world hotel where is next to bandar one utama shopping centre...we have buffet there...their foods there not really much choice but taste yummy!!
i love this light
cinamon centre
feel like jumping in
where's daddy? well i guess he is busy eatingdaddddyyyyy!!!
wipes the sadness away
he is crazykiddy drink syrup

aunty Dorin

i'm bored..being pessimistic
he's busy with smsing don't even bother to layan me

scrumptious cheese cake

happy birthday nicholas =)

good night everyone's i'm not in the mood