Sunday, October 21, 2007


sometimes peoples really got nothing better to do chiefly, saying like "a leopard can't change its spots" as i can say one word that i could describe 'childish'....too free till they have nothing to do.... I'm sorry to say that it's seriously sometimes they just ask with really a daft question.Apart from my eyes, at times is not worth to be... i really doubt this statement maybe this person is someone who is born into a family which belongs to the highest social class as i'm can't rise on it maybe we're too far apart and have the different sense and character on us it just annoys me when u started with this statement i've tried to bare it once but sadly it does not works..well i don't think this person will be reading my blog mainly this person don't even know i've a blog and ya know i'm trying to strike on you my words can be weapon but i'm trying to express so do notice and change yourself.

bye good night's people i'm going on a independent trip

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