Sunday, October 14, 2007

one world

so yesterday,saturday it was a busy day afternoon mum and i take ktm to midvalley to buy some stuff sigh i can't get any outfits then we went over to robinson to have a look..some of the shops are still renovating nothing much actually preferably midvalley... oh yea, not forgetting yit han's birthday sorry can't get to attend cause so coincidentally my cousin birthday so i'm busy with their stuff... night time off to one world hotel where is next to bandar one utama shopping centre...we have buffet there...their foods there not really much choice but taste yummy!!
i love this light
cinamon centre
feel like jumping in
where's daddy? well i guess he is busy eatingdaddddyyyyy!!!
wipes the sadness away
he is crazykiddy drink syrup

aunty Dorin

i'm bored..being pessimistic
he's busy with smsing don't even bother to layan me

scrumptious cheese cake

happy birthday nicholas =)

good night everyone's i'm not in the mood

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