Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello peeps,

Here is my warmest greeting to all of u out there.
May you have a prosperous & a blast year.
Stay healthy throughout the year.

I'm currently at the bliss island now. Where else beside kl. Of course Pangkor island (hometown) la.
The weather here is even worse than heatwave. I'd say like a massive microwave.
Gotta shower at least 5times a day ==''.
Street here happen to be hustle bustle with the crowd of motorcyclist .
Kids and teenager like us is eager to receive red packets from the elderly people that same goes to me haha.
An immense satisfaction with the reunion dinner is what i'm looking forward all the time.
There are uncountable fortune cookies here. Every bites of it is plain good. I've been masticating every hours like nobody business. I seriously can finish the entire thing.
Oh yea, during the hot weather it's always good to quench your thirst with cold soft drinks.
Will be going for a photoshooting when the day dawn tomorrow *winks*

Once again good luck in gambling peeps.

Heaps of love,

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mum birthday

Happy Birthday Mummy !
Hope you've a great year ahead
Stay young & healthy as always

mwahhh make a wish make a wish

okay this is an incomplete one. The younger bro doesnt want to take photo
Mum and daughter

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Do you realize when cny is drawing near the weather will turn to a heatwave ? Walking under the hot sun is like fire burning all over your body whilst your sweats is dripping every second counts =.= . Aduhh panas gila ni dah tak boleh tahan. Right after i finish scribbling on this post, i'm so gonna drench with freaking cold water though i know it's already 1 something.

Lately, people around me said that my face getting pale and it looks like in yellowish color. I wonder why :( . Guess thats the impact of me having a drastic diet since last month by skipping breakfast and having irrelevant meals everyday which i don't encourage myself to do this often cos the fact that i'm srsly getting fatter and face look plump. Darn fat la wei, everyday eat eat eat like fei po. Nevertheless, i've already give up on the diet plan now. Eat all i want now and i'm masticating some cookies that contain very high calories haha whatever who cares la and and make myself a cup instant potato soup. nyumm nyumm nyumm.

Pic of the month :)

good night's world