Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31 % OFF

Time flicks really fast, i never realize it's 31st of march today after what my mum had just told me on the phone.

A little conversation between mum & me

Mum : ehhh, today is 31st of march ahr.. baskin robbin got 31 % off

me : ya meh, ? today 31st meh ?

Mum : Yalar..so what flavour you want ? tell me..tell me.. i go and queue up now

me : er....Jamoca almond fudge & Reese peanut butter cup la. ( strongly recommended with both of these flavours I stated here .)

An irresistible tempation..okay i started to drool over with these photos already hehe... Yumyum..Yummy =)

Kevin quickly deliver another flavour for anne & me now !!! haha

Baskin Robbins is running a great promotion today..31 % off any handpack purchase..so people quick !! go and hunt for some now !!

till then,
adieu xoxo

Monday, March 30, 2009

esa loves

it was another great day outing with the 2 japanese girl ( Yurika & Kana) that hosted by my fren sharon. Anne & me were tagged along too.Well, it was pretty fun.As usual, we just went roaming around the bukit bintang area by bringing them to the shopping malls and recommended them the best local food in town.

we had our lunch at restaurant penang village if i'm not mistaken, which is known as most of the scrumptious & famous foods are always from penang i supposed. Despite, the food just don't taste delicious that what i've expected.

By the way Yurika & Kana are sisters

Anne & me

This is only when i show peace sign when i'm with japanese girls. Habitually I dont haha. The very odd emily =p

my cliques

Later on, we walked to sg wang for Purikura (photo booth ). Chiefly, what i heard from Yurika & Kana said that sg wang purikura machines is really out of moden. Most of the machines are all outdated.

miss yurika, the cutie ones

Since none of us here know how to read japanese words, we just leave it to both of the sisters to decorate all the photos.

us with very unpleasant look here, haha hog

Our last destination at Pavillion.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

twins ?

Looks like i've a sister that manage to read through my mind that what am i thinking in every second counts now haha..I don't know why are we always in a click in every setting yet doing the same thing in the meantime. To illustrate, we manicure at the same time, bump into each other during our driving lesson by not having any intention, and pick the same design of handbags.
Maybe we understand one another very well yes we really do actually hehe..i'd say twins is always the twins.Meanwhile,our heart is link to each other, even having the same thoughts.
Heart for our friendship is way to strong to let it go off like that. Love her all the way.The coincidence just brought us here to comprehend each other so well. Babe i know u love me since long time !

(btw don't get me wrong here, i know i sound kinda lesbian here.Despite,i'm not okay)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Polaroid ♥

Polaroid of the day ♥
I'm sorta obsessed with Polaroid now.
Love it especially how the effects turn out in every pictures.
Each pictures get very nostalgic. It seems to evoke those memories back in those days.
Happy playing with all these, so much fun heh

Something random from my room
Girls necessary

Stuff where I place on my shelf

My so called art work post cards

blue baby crystal

my very comfy bed sheet =)
Pondering who will be my romeo huh ?

Both of the anne ( precious babes ).
I believe god bring us the fate to know each others
eh I sound so serious here O.o

okie.. I shall turn in now.
Have a pleasant night everyone's

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Apparently, I'm still having my holiday break. For those who is eager to know recently i'm up to what ? Yea, being a hog laze around at home at times & working for part time jobs. Seriously, I do enjoy working lately even though it was kind of tiring when u're wearing with heels lol how i wish to wear flats somehow it was all plain good and get to meet some new friends and new colleagues and even new agent ! Had lots of fun during the working hours. Stroll around the hall, peeping at those smart guys with well dressed up. Glad to have them to guide me and will always by my side to lend me their hand if there is any problems yet they lead me to a better pathway . A little knowing that i've came to realize how to move on in life. Never ever think negatively. Be optimistic all the time.

Last weekend, i got a job for ASIA TRADER AND INVESTOR CONVENTION 2009 @ klcc.Initially, i thought my job was really easy cause i'll be only dispense all the flyers, but in the end i have to know a lil detail about the shares market and the guidance of investment. Urgghh this cracks my head man so kelam kabut..Don't even have the interest to learn..yea i know it's challenging but it's very risky lor okay !!

Cam whore bit =p

the MORON !!!! seriously i've no intention to take a picture with him..he is the one who ask someone else to take a pic for us..ewww gross enough..he obviously trying to take advantage, really wanna put his hands off from my shoulder, it gives me goose bumps..telling me all kinds of rubbish...and how sweet and thoughtful he is..for god sake, you know you're so fucking old enough =__=''. Arghh i'm so mean. Lol what to do, he is annoying !!!!

Coreen-my very sweet organiser =D
gwendeline-the friendly ones

Arthur- Oh my..the unexpected one *chuckles* =)

p/s: Can't wait to see u in the next PC FAIR

A very short excursion to my lovely island. Billy drove us back just for the sake of thaipusam.Well, it will be slightly different from kl though. I don't know whether u people have seen chinese people involve in thaipusam before or not ? More like a chinese thaipusam..I don't know how to say it here lol..

Stop by at my uncle's house just to make sure my grandma whether she is in a good condition now. An octogenarian who is still strong & cook good food for the whole family. Feel so lively to have her.

Wasn't ready yet =_=''

ini ah neh neh sungguh hitam