Sunday, March 22, 2009

Polaroid ♥

Polaroid of the day ♥
I'm sorta obsessed with Polaroid now.
Love it especially how the effects turn out in every pictures.
Each pictures get very nostalgic. It seems to evoke those memories back in those days.
Happy playing with all these, so much fun heh

Something random from my room
Girls necessary

Stuff where I place on my shelf

My so called art work post cards

blue baby crystal

my very comfy bed sheet =)
Pondering who will be my romeo huh ?

Both of the anne ( precious babes ).
I believe god bring us the fate to know each others
eh I sound so serious here O.o

okie.. I shall turn in now.
Have a pleasant night everyone's


vvens said...

haha so cute. your polaroids have fingerprints one! :)

emilyho said...

haha but it's kinda irritating lar when u get to see fingerprints on certain place.