Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let the rain fall

It's rainy day lately.I can feel the fresh air yet the mist around my house.
Do you know how comfy & tight when you're sleeping that you could hear the heavy raindrops ?Just like relaxing peace on mind.
It's pouring rain and pouring bliss into me.
i don't know why do i have such feelings that eventually make me smile once it rains, it's hard to express it here thou maybe it's pouring love or this is only according to my mood *chuckles*.
Sometimes when you stand under the rain,just to remember what it feels like to see and just to arouse you what have happened all this whilst.

Welcoming rain-her happiness overwhelmed by the rain.
Rainy day makes me feel like a happy girl =D

John 15th Pool Party

Alright a quick one here.
Btw, i'm lazy to write. Just a few description yea.
John Liew's b'day bash held at Ritz Carlton's.

Happy birthday shy boy :)
The setting is well orderly, i like how the glass colour match with the drinks. Me
Serve scrumptious desserts ,walnut brownies taste awesomely good !
I only ate a slice :(, should have eat another slice of it. Urgh the cakes tempt me,my saliva is already dribbling.
the girls :)

babi han's
Choi Yen & me

Group pic.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yit han's & ming haow's bday dinner

Hello there,

Friday night was simply good. I spent my day with my cliques and tagged hui sin along.
It was actually yit han's & ming hao bday dinner. The chatter box a.k.a han picked me up around 4 and off to pavillion to meet up the rest then we walked
to KLCC meet up hui sin.Ohh yes, its been ages since i last saw hui sin's during spm result day.Hmm still pretty as usual :)

we picked a nice place to sit back relax and get a good drink to sip on to dine at Chili's as for the western dinner instead japanese cuisine.

The food that they serve was really in a huge portion. People like me manage to finish the whole plate whenever I dine there.

Yeap ! Montery chicken my favs always fulfill my satisfaction but i already feel bloated eating halfway.

me this

The eye-catching babe
Sweety pie
Happy birthday Ming Haow's
Happy belated birthday, hope you like the pressie we gave.

After dinner, we have to walked all the way back to ritz carlton with our painful feet. Poor thing we were really dead beat kay yet sweats rolling all over our body. Once we reached yen's suite, lazy worms like us stick at yen's room for the entire night and there we move on with our late night talks until we laugh hysterically like nobody business. Babi han's you can really laugh like a loudspeaker. Again, we talked & laughed incessantly until we burst out in tears. The merely thing is just can't imagine how fun that can be sometimes.

P/s: Girls can easily fall into man trap but in the first place,why do we have to deserve a person who's so effing brainless & insincerely like them ? it's not worth to be after all cause things that they did are too mean that tear your heart, pride and feelings like strips of paper. I'm not acting smart or putting an insult to them simply bcos i endure with all these hurtful feelings and can't bother to see my friend in agony situation.One word to describe- Trash !

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mid-autumn festival

Hi guys,
like finally my laptop is alive now and this will be the reason of me being late to post up the pics.
During that night was fun,the guys brought us to the huge playground which is really spacious and headed to jun chong area.Once we reached, I saw a number of kids strolling around with lanterns that reminisce back about my childhood memories.
It has been years i did not play with the paper lantern and candles so sharon and I had the urge to light up the candle with our names but we failed due to the windy weather.

thats ivan & eric

us holding happily with the lanterns

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hello people

I'm currently typing from my parents office. Sorry i've not been appearing for the entire week due to exams and dangggg my laptop died, no msn no fb . I'm dreary death without the laptop, can rot to the max. Btw anything to update me,feel free to text/ call me. I'll be very nice to entertain u hehe. okiee gtg now till then see ya =)