Friday, February 29, 2008

sorry for the late post. My daily have been hectic lately...tons of homework needed to be done...and and the only friday could set me free from blogging & surf net

as the school has organized 5th Malaysia-Japan student exchange program and i wanted to host them since few years ago till now sadly, i can't cuz the date always falls on my granny's birthday and i've to travel all the way to ipoh oh well luckily i'v e my bitch to plan for me to stay over at yen's house for 2days lalala

Day 1 we're trying to imitate japanese pose 'peace' anybody mandarin oranges???

night time we just went for a walk at pasar malam

the king fruit- durian located @ pandan jaya

ahaha ming hao's i guess he manage to split maya said 'this fruit smells so stink' haha

Putrajaya highway bridge

to be continue day 2

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