Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 early in the morning till evening we just stroll around at the golden triangle..where is times square,sungei wang, and pavillion it was darn tired in deed it was awesome..and we bump into lots of ssg students around bukit bintang area.times square...i scarcely see the crowds at the cosmo world theme parklol this guy here loves to take pics haha best buddy of mine easy to deal with itsnap snap phoebe said mayuka loves to take neoprints pics

later on we take monorail headed to petaling street in the evening instead of night time to squeeze in with the crowd and avoid the jam pack lunch @ king's cafe

they really enjoy this dried meat it seems so scrumptious for themphoebe and mayuka was walking to monorail station back to pavillionby the time we reached there we're rushing to the loo...our bladder couldn't collect so much urine!!!kay host emahaha we're so bitchy on that day i couldn't stop laughing at her she's really funny ..pfft she used to bully me all the timedinner @ madam kwan'safter dinner we headed to sunway pyramid actually i was kinda drowsy & exhausted and so flabbergasted that i was rouse by the fire was the best scene yet the best night ever with the heaps indeed a candid shot Friendster it's really late and my bitch (phoebe) here still active and exuberant haha cuz she was pleased from someone no la jk jk we're hyper too =) *ahem* i shouldn't disclose it here later she come and hound for me blehh is all rumours okay!!! then we went to the pub to chill out for a while haha can see my eyes? i can barely openby the time i think i just got back at 1am hmm can't really remember and slept at 4 something woke up at 8am then went down to ipoh celebrate grandma birthday
fuhyoo damn tired..but i sleep well cuz i've a long chat before i shut my eyes down =)

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