Friday, February 15, 2008

sorry for the late update
i've been very busy lately
my time is pack
well my cny post is a bit late
but cny is not over yet
alright here comes my chinese new year vacation

is kinda bored actually cuz my mother side all just went off to china
only left a few cousin and and luckily i've the closest cousin to stay with me

the beach
the way i eat just like a hog

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Kang said...

No wonder that was so noisy from the phone when I spoke to you that night. The Yee Seng you guys have seem like too skinny la...such a small plate for so many big guys! And and really in the mess after have it. :)

I try to find the Yee Seng in the Chinese supermarkets and restaurants here, but they seem like no idea what the hell of Yee Seng? I think the most Chinese in UK were from Hong Kong or China. And only the Malaysian Chinese practice this kind of culture. What a shame!:(

Tell you something. We, especially born in Nothern region of Malaysia. It's a group of Chinese who live in more traditional way culturally. As you knew, your grandmum doing lot of 'bai ang kongs' throughout the year. My childhood living pattern was in this kind memories, same goes to your dad cos we are in the same generation. And you, was lucky to have parent from Pangkor and you still have chance to see, to feel, to enjoy kind of 'kampong' life style since your kid's life. Thanks to your traditionally dad and mom, that they always feel Chinese New Year is the must to 'balik kampung' and reunion, especially family members and all your relatives.

Me and Torng just spent a week holiday in Ireland. We came back yesterday. Will let you know where is the photo I post.