Friday, February 08, 2008

valentine tag

tagged by li shan

Is valentine's day important to you?
i've no idea wait till i officially have my loved ones

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
yea i've lots of boyfriends & girlfriends but is not in a relationship

How long have you been in a relationship with him/her?
haha can't tell u now cause i don't have one now =)

Do you have a crush?
*drolls* guess so

What do you think of him/her?
friendly & funny

What is the best valentine's day celebration you ever had?
i've never been through this moments before maybe in future time =p

What type of guy/girl you like?
not being calculative
high educate
not being flirty
actually there're more to mention
p/s: i don't find a guy match with my condition so no one is perfect

What is your perfect valentine's day?
don't know!! i think saturday or sunday

Who do you wish to see on that day?
someone perhaps some random guy who can match with my personality keke jkjk don't know la!! indescribable

Do you believe in true love?
don't know !! guys are rarely loyal all i know they love to flirt

tag 6 person to answer this question
all my friends have been tagged so i'll just tag phoebe & yit han

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