Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a day at times square

spend the whole day at times square
hmmmm i went over hotel times square look for my nephew and niece where they came all the way from holland =)

Angelina & Alicia

pretty Alicia

baby kent ain't he adorable??

meanwhile, meet up with the girls to neway inevitably i don't sing i'll just sitting there like a dolly doll...but i ended up shot for more more pictures heeeeeee to keep away from boredom.

they entertain me with self-timer 10 sec

Phoebe and meyit han a.k.a camwhore

choi yen and mekay n me
wai hoong a.ka future singer
5 of us

lol what am i doing actually? i guess i'm scratching my neck.Han took it.

well we have lots of fun a great day though i don't really sing but i enjoy hanging along with u guys to release somekind of feelings during the dinner time i didn't get to join them to the ship then i walk over to hotel berjaya times square meet up cousins,niece,nephew, aunties and uncles from holland for the last reunion dinner before they leave.

after dinner went back home fresh up then headed to steven's corner for supper with cousins and family...omg i'm meaty already eating non stop arghh i'm tired i'm fat i have double chin.

sigh....something depressed me got traumatize from ***,so blue,so tired.

heeee tomorrow is friday no tution and i'm gonna start my drama

i gtg go now good night's sleep well and happy holidays =)


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