Thursday, March 20, 2008

into the blues

my entire month was very hectic and was very pissing off.
i've too much of work to do and the date line is just around the corner,it's too tedious.
i haven't completed any of the assigments like morals,lisan and oral.
all this is no doubt in anyway making my life very miserable
i'd say a flash in the pan, it's effing nuisance.
i'd prefer you to tell me precisely rather than like a nincompoop.
why just can't you stop that daft stuff i tell you it'd be that dumb if u deny that haha
i'm greatly sorry for treating you harshly but i just can't help but think you're a really stranger person.
the impression you gave me made me think of someone i really despise at the moment
under the day u replied me the pretext my feelings towards you worthless
i'll do my part as you'd do yours

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