Thursday, March 13, 2008

currently listening: janet jackson -feedback

it's midnight now the weather seems good. my area is raining and full of mist here
sigh holidays doesn't seems fine to me i'd rather schooling than plain bored here =.=
yea it is spm year i knew this holidays is a revision week so mostly part of the ssg students very hardworking to do revision and study and all kind of stuffs
knowing me i'm those kind of person who is last minute work
i had a row with someone it's really sad to happen i had my plaintive days since last week i guess
oh well my relatives came over that day..

ohhh thats me with my widely open big mouth..i was trying to blow off the candles

ahahaha very long wish...i wish i could......

i was enjoying with my music and later on my little cousins sneak in pffttt whenever they come into my room they'll horse around and everything become a complete tip

see see see this cunning boy here was holding my hand to call me to entertain him

here it goes pillow fight!!!

omg i tell you my hand will just break in few seconds kik sei ngo!!!
and he was like keep jumping up and down on my bed...argghhh disturbance he is too much!! but at time he is *cute* yet nice to play with

okay gonna sleep now

good night's


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