Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip old folks home

Today interact club members from keystage 3&4 will be participating an activity, we had organized 1day trip to pay a visit to old folks home where located at ampang welfare committee,kampung baru, ampang.
their living hall

we bought some cookies,soya drinks and nuts for them so most of all the food that kay bought is healthy especially the super nut is in vegetarian oil

and with good quality soaps as well

haha once i enter their room asked po po 'lei hou ma' they just wave their hand to me *warm welcome smile*

the por por room looks so tidy everything arrange very neatly unlike the gong gongs haha so this is one of the por por me and ivy communicate with because she is a hokkien lang so me and ivy can speak and understand but in the half way a bit rojak with mandarin haha i can tell you she is very active for octogenarian eventhough she looks kinda old and tiny size but still she is an exuberant por por very lively and cheerful. Apart from her life,she don't have her own family cos she's single! but luckily she has an elder sister who visit her at times.Also,she is very open minded person and very nice to chat with, during her adults year her jobs is to teach those students for driving lesson and and she sells durian before during her young age .She kept telling me about how's life is going on now and told us not to do backstab,betray and so on somehow from my opinion if u did something badly in future time u'll deserve something badly from the god and if u lose something sadly,u'll gain something unexpectedly this is what i always think simply because this is a life of sin.Plus,i believe in god and karma =)Mrs.Shiamala head of cca keystage 3&4 and since she came in the year of 2008 there's some doubt about her race whether she is a malay or watever haha guess what i shocked from her? she can speak hokkien with the grandma very fluently with her accent omg now only i know she is mixed her mum is chinese from penang and her dad is indian if i'm not mistaken haha wtf right!!

me and ivy distributing soya milk for them =)

some interact members and miss shiamala came in and help out to tie with the string

gong gongs room

all i know their lifestlye sleep and eat hmmm frankly speaking their life is kinda bored sigh i really pity them anyhow today i did a great job and my feeling towards them is really mournful to see them happen in this way of life.Hence,I have gain some knowledge from the por por i communicate with and I feel so blissful today after doing all this.

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