Tuesday, September 22, 2009


morning rise and shine.

i'm utterly exhausted today. The lil bro of mine have a serious infection in the morning today.Initialy, he puke and diarhoea in the morning .Later on, i saw him collapse from the chair and fell down by looking at him his entire body cramps so we quickly send him to the clinic badly the bloody doctor say she couldnt do anything with her cock face. Then we went to the second clinic,that clinic was way better.The doctor only give him an injection to loosen up everthing but it doesnt work well at all so he fell on the floor another time so we quickly held him to the hospital and the doctor calm him down.okay so the singh doctor say he dont need to stay at the hospital.

He seems to be all fine when he got back home. The strength is back. When i was doing my stuff, he told me he want to puke again so i bring him to the toilet to make sure he is fine. when he spew up everthing slowly slowly i saw maroon colour streaming down from his mouth while he was spewing then i thought he drank milo in the morning but think twice he didnt take any drinks at all and i look closer and closer I SAW HIM SPEWING RED BLOOD !! i was yelling all the way out to tell my mum & eldest bro "it's blood,it's blood !!!''. My heart was pumping really fast and i started to panic.This time was a serious one. We quickly send him to the hospital again and he is now hospitalized.

Hope everything will be fine. I wouldn't want to see such scene anymore cause it flabbergasted.

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