Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hello readers how're you guys doing ?
oh yea regarding my lil bro sickness, he is very fine now (he can laugh & fool around with my eldest bro ) thanks for the concerns and calls =).
oh well my pleasant days are filled with contentment. Jolly to the max.
The entire week catch up with the cliques and did spend lavishly on shopping with the cliques. My savings is now in a red sign.Poor me.

Hello gaga girls, ain't this shades look chio enough haha

Meet up with my crazy friends. Been spending quality time with them. Tons of things to talk. Never fail to bore each. Thats why i love them.

the love birds - anne & reagan

at the same time shop with my darlings

On the saturday night, went to anne's sister bbq party

sharon ur eyes are god damn red okay ! Stop wearing cons at the moment.

ma twin twin

Ivan i know you're cool with the shade but it doesnt mean you can ruin the pic =p. Okok this is only a joke. dont take it seriously.
Okie i shall stop here now so sugar dreams people.
Gotta turn in now.

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