Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Late night talks

During the raya break, catch up with the cliques and chill out for drinking session.
Went to Pavillion right after dinner and watched " The Ugly Truth" with the cliques .

nice one =), i laugh like nobody business.
Right after movie headed to pandan indah steven's corner had our supper and talks there.

The friend of mine chan yit han makan sungguh banyak ! when i had a plate of maggi goreng feel enough bloated already.Hence, he want to order another plate of cheese naan and maggi goreng @__@.

Mr chan & meme.

We stayed there till 2.30 am,still reluctant to leave haha cause the night is always young. The chatting session wasn't over yet.

Picture taken outside from my house .

meme in quickly change into pyjamas once i got home =P

I think yen can barely open her eyes,her expression tell me that she is tired & drowsy i think

Okay look at the time now closely, it's already 4.03 am yet they were still staying there with me.Plus, they're not staying over at my house so they left at 4.30am. Wanted to sleep but my eyes were still sparkle.

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