Friday, September 04, 2009

shop till we gone gaga

Its been a while i never shop with my lovelies.It was actually planned out e.s.a loves shopping day out during the sem break too bad the other twin of mine can't make it. ended up me and the cutest princess drove off to Sunway Pyramid last week.

Once we parked our car, without any hesitation of eating what. We just went in to DRAGON-I to have our lunch cos we've not been eating anything since morning and it was actually around 3.30 to have our lunch.

Sharon who claim that she is getting FATTER, i wonder which part of your body figure looks fat =____=

Sharon sichuan noodle beef soup

Siu long paooo !!!

Ugh this bowl of sichuan mee is all filled with a thick layer of oil. I don't find it nice though

After lunch,we started to walked from the highest floor to the lowest floor haha and we got ourselves pretty cool stuff.

it's very normal when a girl camwhore in front of a mirror.

Later on, we went to take neo prints .tee hee =)

Party party girl :D

I like this the most. Aint it cute ?

when the day was nearly dusk, we knew it gonna be a massive traffic and there we go stuck in the jam for almost 2hours.

Since the cars weren't moving at all, we started to capture tons of pics inside the car.
Oh ya btw, for those who really believe that i've finally chop off my hair literally short like those pics i showed you people HAHAHA sorry you guys got pranked by me.Yes, i've cut my hair approximately to 2 inches it's way shorter but not exactly that short like those pics below but
still long la.

Hello see this is my short hair. i'm not wearing a wig. It's authentic one.

Actually we planned to put on our mask during shopping but it looks awkward so we just kept it.

Beware of H1N1.

Once we reached home, we changed to casual wear cos it'so uncomfortable wearing heels to mamak.

on the way to ss2

me with gigantic spects

Have you ever seen the highest roti tissue ? can you imagine how high it's haha
if i'm not mistaken it costs rm5.00 per piece.

see this 2 fella playing with the roti tissue.

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