Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Like finally i've completed my foundation course. Yeap, i passed all my subjects.
Did pretty well in the last sem. Attain one's goal with 3A's *winks*. It's time to boast my results to my parents of what i've done through out the year so that i can extend my curfew and have more outings tee hee =D.

Here comes the fresh start of degree major in marketing in year 1. I reckon it will be slightly tougher and hectic gahhhh.

Alright i shall post up all activities in one post overdue pics over a couple of weeks ago after procrastinating for so long.

29th of April. It's anne big day.
Celebrated at restaurant rendervous.

i like this pic lots. Look how happy anne's was


Trips held after our final examination as well as our last sem break trips before we separate our ways in degree. Basically the entire trip revolve around the small town where jonker street is the only place we can find good food and saunter around. Despite walking under sweltering weather is so not fun at all. Came back to kl with tanned skin.

Group picha

i like this pic
haha look at anne & kien.yap reaction

OHH !!! dessert my favs. The gula melaka just taste simply sweeettt
chicken rice ball. I dont find it nice or special plus it doesnt meet my satisfaction so far.

here goes the famous satay celup. Look at the long queue =___= we waited for like 45mins to get our seats.

My pinky handkerchief

Yum cha with the ssg frens <3

Hiking @ broga hill . It was impromptu decision that the college mates wants to go all of sudden. So obviously i didn't sleep during the wee hours untill 4.30 am sharon came all the way to my house and picked me up.

First stop at broga hill was feeling eerie and gloomy. We thought we went to the wrong place. Once i got down from the car, it was totally black out as if u were inside the dark jungle alone. Luckily my friend brought his torch light otherwise i dont even think i will move a step.

Early breakfast at mcd while waiting for others.

As we trudged along through the hill, we kept asking when are we going to reach the top hill.

Look at the amount of mosquitoes that we got stung
Sharon's hand. Poor thing..
and mine. got design somemore =__= darn itchy until it takes 3days to recover.


Headed to Sunway for shopping with Sharon.
Had our lunch @ full house.

all kinds of pose haha pattern banyak banyak

Lavender tea

Sharon's olio golio

Curry laksa. Hmmm taste more like normal curry me

Meet up with the long lost friend. William

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