Saturday, May 08, 2010


Sigh thy nvr understand and I swear everything happened for a reason .

Just to let u both know I have many plausible excuses that i wanted to tell unfortunately u all never want to listen nor accept. Yeap sometimes i do agree with u guys lecture partially and it is logically to be accepted but hey somehow i cant be selfish right, i cant expect my friends to do every single things just for the sake of me whilst they're having their fun there. I didnt take any advantage at all. DIDN'T !!!!!!
I dont mind if u guys badger me just because i know it's all about concern and love. Sadly, please don't always scold me innocently. It hurts sometimes. What i did last night i know it's a lil over, I did apologize sincerely kay. Plus, i didnt against . I dont like to start a row with anybody cause it feels so tired. Whats the point of hate or angry of someone. It makes ur life more dull.
Sigh who knows maybe my life journey expected to be blame innocently in every single moment or i'd say is already fixed.
I can sense that there're more bad impending to come. Oh well, this is the circle of life. life is always full of game, we should make use of those problems and learn something out of it.
Anyhow, i still love both equally cause i know myself consider a lucky girl in this family until today. Never demand too much. What I have right now is more than enough.
You all raise me up with hard earn money. I should be thankful to enter to this earth.

Every single words that came out from my mouth is all bottom of my heart.


P/s: I feel like typing in chinese nw too bad i dont even know the strokes and my pinyin nt accurate at all. haihhh wei shen me wo de ren shen hui na me shang xin ne.

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