Friday, May 14, 2010

Snacks love !

Hello people, how did you spend your day ?

I spent mine stocking up a huge amount of awesome snacks.
A day with handful of pre loved junk foods and fruit from the supermarket.
Off to klcc isetan members day with ze mum & eldest bro in the morning.
We thought we'll get to see nice outfit that could caught our eyes indeed it was all like old stocks so we went to the food department instead.

Once the snack temptation appear in front of your sight, how can you resist ? haha
Mum and I just grab over all the food without any dubious and hesitation.
AhHHh...Snack just made my day.Feeling content after hunted the amount of unhealthy food which will cause me obesity soon after i finish all em' up.

Ughh, i have been buying lotsa snacks lately. I had even bought a few packs of cookies 2days back @ jusco. How am i gonna lose my weight if i insist to eat.

Very ruby red Strawberry from USA. Let me tell you, this is mad cheap compare to normal price. Plus, the size of strawberry is way bigger than the one that you usually saw at supermarket.

Ohhh,Pringles. Sour cream will be my ultimate choice.
Meiji HELLO PANDA & 4 in 1 pack choco biscuit.

Spot my chili corntoz cheese eheheeh. My favs
Butter crunch. Strongly recommended. Thumbs up !!

It was worth buying after all.
Ahhh splendid day comes along with food and catch up with thomas cup badminton tonight
Lee Chong Wei vs LinDan. (i'm actually watching it now, damnnnn lindan is leading 5-11)
COME ON !!!! Chong wei u can do it !!!!

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