Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craft brews

Sorry for the extended prolong. Few days back, I was told by my dad to plan out a fine dining dinner for his marriage anniversary. I was kinda surprised that he actually still remember ! There're a few restaurant that come across my mind such as delicious,full house, chili's, and victoria station somehow we've tried all before and the food wasn't really that delicious except Chili's.
Until I found a nice place which is pretty cosy hang out spot ,Craft brews !!! Brewhouse & restaurant where the place located at Mutiara Damansara.

Ahhh u may skip this part haha its been a while i camwhore


The ambience just meet my parents satisfaction.



They serve multi color beers.Czech Pilsner, Monster Green Lager, English Ale and Weizen Wheat Beer
We ordered Monster green lager. I only drank a sip, it tasted like normal beer to me haha but it stated that this brew contain premium spirulina.
Scampi aglio olio.
Rosemary butter cream chicken. Strongly recommended ! I like the sauce which is filthy rich in flavor and the black pepper mash potato is thick and tasted much creamy.
Pork burger. Fyi, they do serve non-halal food :)
Lemon grass dory butter fillet

The parents ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall the price is quoted reasonably and i suppose is a nice hang out to chill with your friends cause they come in a wide variation of beers.

After dinner, we were all bloated with the food. They come in a big portion and I finished up the whole thing haha and just so you know i have this bad habit to eat dessert. Since our stomach is fully occupied, the rest of us decided to stay there to watch fifa world cup.

Later on, headed to SS2 for dessert, K.T.Z

black sesame tong sui
mmmm mango loh !! my favs

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