Saturday, May 10, 2008

part time job

Last week there's this home decoration exhibition at klcc convention centre. I was there to work to gain some experience from dad business.During the labour day was really pack and i get to see lots people with different kind of character.I bump into lots ssg students even mr.wong!

the crowds

awww i want this to be place at my house so that i can swim whenever i want.

haha from this picture you can see me that i'm really busy with work.

busy counting with the measurements.The width,length,and the squarefeets. Pening kepala betul ! =_="

alright this guy here is my boss! buahahaaha beloved dad

lovely mum with her sweet smile

this is the place where those malays rempit hang around

dinner @ chili's

alright thats the end of my work.

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