Sunday, May 25, 2008

emily's is hungry

so as usual me, sleep very late during the weekends .

a nocturnal who always stay awake in the middle of night cuz the night is always young !
it's almost 4.00am, i guess everyone is sleeping haha
well since today I've bought so much of bread & doughnuts.
muahahhaha supper supper supper....
i'm gonna give myself a satisfaction of eating 3doughnuts and spicy chicken floss bread from lavender tee hee =). Although I know i've piled on a lot of weight but who cares right? enjoy the food of life don't tell me u gonna starve urself of not eating.
omg once i open it,my stomach started rumbling.
kay this is for you haha if possible enough i'll keep this for u untill tuesday, i know u love green tea lots =D

mmmmmm yummy yummy this is so tempting

poor thing eating alone =(

o.O 4.14am argh shit still can't sleep, i've to wake up early tomorrow.

i guess i'm gonna stay up until i prepare to go out early in the morning.

i don't feel like sleeping now.

good night everyone's, sleep well =)

emily xoxo

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