Saturday, April 19, 2008

another day

currently listening to: click five-empty

every saturday is always my duty to put away the dishes,wash up all the plates,mop the floor and iron up all the shirts.It seems more like a part time maid huh....

oh yea, may day's concert will be at genting today so i'm sure people who going up like me will be having a massive traffic of course i'm not attending their concert haha just gonna have dinner there then drive up...mmmmmm full of mist there cause it had been raining the whole week so just a light inhale with fresh cool air..

i wonder if there's any prince charming could cuddle me with comfy when i'm there haha too much of imaginary in my mind...alright enough enough..*Slap twice on my face*

opps stop here gtg to red town ciao.

p/s:i don't feel empty now.

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